New Collection of Word Art

Italy In A Vespa

In 2019 there was a trend towards home decor featuring word art. That trend is set to continue in 2020 and I have new collection of word art now available.

Collection of Word Art

My new collection features a mix of some existing work that included words or phrases and some new pieces.

Existing Work Featuring Words

Time For Wine

Existing work in my collection includes my piece ‘Time For Wine’ which would look great in a kitchen, and my various street signs. For example, my personal favorite street sign is on a red brick wall in Lewes, UK, ‘Church Twitten‘, ‘twitten’ being an example of old Sussex dialect, meaning a narrow passageway or alley between buildings. It was a word used by my grandmother so this piece always makes me think of her.

New Images

Positive Statements/Affirmations

Follow What Makes Your Heart Smile

I have a few new pieces that focus on some positive statements or affirmations. For example, ‘Believe in Love‘ which would be a nice gift for Valentine’s Day perhaps. Also my own personal favorite ‘Follow What Makes Your Heart Smile’, shown above. These don’t have to be huge wall art statements, a small art board or acrylic block on a shelf just provides a positive accent. I will be adding more of these positive statements to the collection.

Art Made Of Words

Italy In A Vespa

Some new images include art made of words like the one above. Using words to create the outline of the image. They are quite fun and I may add a few more as time goes on. It takes a while to decide on the words to use to make up the images. With the Vespa image above, I chose to depict the names of all of the Italian regions, the word ‘Italia’ and, of course, ‘La Dolce Vita’.

Collages With Names

Paciano Collage With Name

Collages are set to be on trend for this year and I have quite a few. But I am in the process of creating some new ones comprising my favorite images of a particular place or town with the name included. Like the one above of Paciano.

You can see my full collection of word art here.

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