On This Day 9 July

On this day 9 July
The Tower of London

On this day 9 July it will be 175 days until the end of the year! And over eighteen months since I have been able to visit my parents in the UK. But, putting that sad thought aside, what else happened on 9 July in the past?

On This Day 9 July

Death of Jan van Eyck

Actually what got me started on this blog post was that I read it was 580 years since the death of the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (1390-1441). Even during his lifetime, his artwork was hailed as extraordinary with his development of the use of oil painting techniques. He had a long influence on artists that followed him, particularly in the Netherlands.

I remember being mesmerized by his ‘Arnolfini Portrait‘ and all the metaphors contained within it. I was captivated by the mirror on the wall behind the couple and the view it contained. This video explains how the painting tells a tale that has unfolded over the years.

Henry VIII Annuls His Marriage To Anne Of Cleves

Hummm, Henry VIII. A giant in history but must have been a nightmare to live with! He certainly looks larger than life in the portraits we have of him, including the famous one by Hans Holbein The Younger. I have to say Henry doesn’t look like someone you would want to get on the wrong side of.

We all know that Henry had six wives. Anne of Cleves was his fourth wife and he married her on 6 January 1540. Just over six months later (on 9 July 1540) he annulled their marriage claiming it was unconsummated. He did look after her, however, and she outlived the rest of his wives. Phew. No final trip to the Tower of London for her.

On this day 9 July
The Tower of London

Barbara Cartland

9 July 1901 saw the birth of a famous British author, Barbara Cartland. She died in the year 2000 and left behind her a legacy of 723 novels. The majority of her books were historical romances for which she is well known. But she also wrote biographies, plays, poetry and even some music. She also holds the Guinness World Record for the most novels written in a single year – 23 would you believe!

On her death she left 160 unpublished novels gradually published as e-books by one of her sons.

Happy Birthday

To anyone born on this day 9 July – you are in good company, including that incredible actor Tom Hanks!

That’s the end of just a few fun facts about 9 July – there are many, many more of course!

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