Ornate Drinking Water Fountains In Italy

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Tourists will be familiar with the ornate drinking water fountains in Italy, particularly in Rome where they are called il nasone (meaning big nose) or la fontanella. But we have some beautiful examples of cast iron water fountains where I live in Italy. The locals, and wildlife, really appreciate them.

Ornate Drinking Water Fountains In Italy

Each village or town has its own cast iron water fountain(s). Over the years, these have afforded me some great photographic opportunities. Like these examples below.

Pawse For A Drink In Paciano

Paciano in Umbria
Pawse for a Drink in Paciano

I was strolling around my local town, Paciano, and it was close to midday so very hot. Very few people were on the street which is why it was a good time for photographs. As I came round the corner I spied one local furry resident having a very welcome cool drink.

Water Fountain Panicale

ornate water fountains
Water Fountain Panicale

I came across a particularly eye catching water fountain in Panicale which is the next town up the mountain from us. An old, rusty, well-used water station near a church that has provided water for the local community for a very long time. Still in regular use, the area around the installation is well worn with signs of water damage. Against the stone wall, and sitting in the shade, I found it particularly striking.

All About Cats
Thirst Black Cat

Some time later the same day I came back that way. Completely different light this time owing to the position of the sun. And found this gorgeous black cat having a drink!

Water Fountain Tavernelle

ornate water stations in Italy
Water Fountain Tavernelle

A completely different look to this water fountain in Tavernelle. As you can see, it sits in a residential square. This one has an ornate metal shelf so people can place a bucket or bottle. I particularly liked the weed growing out of the grill at the bottom.

Floral Courtyard With Water Fountain

Floral Courtyard Cortona Tuscany

My last example of ornate drinking water fountains in Italy can be seen in this wonderful image from Cortona in Tuscany. This is actually one of my best selling images. We can see Cortona on the mountain opposite when we look out of our back window.

Glance down any alleyway in Cortona and an interesting view is usually revealed. Particularly pretty in this case, as we look down the flagstone alley past the display of petunias and the little cart covered with flower pots. At the end of the alley is a half open old wooden door with a table and chairs with tablecloth and in front of that is a traditional Italian water fountain.
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