Pantone Selects Ultra Violet for 2018

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Purple is my favorite color (which regular readers of my blog may have noticed). I was delighted to read that Pantone has chosen ‘Ultra Violet’ as their color for 2018.

Pantone Selects Ultra Violet for 2018

Who or What is Pantone?

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Pantone is the industry standard for color matching. But what does that actually mean? Let’s start by considering the background to the company.

Pantone has an interesting history, going back to the early 1960s when it was a specialist print company. Lawrence Herbert, the then new owner of the company, recognised the many mistakes that could be made in selecting print colors. As you can imagine, a precise color is difficult to identify by name alone. For example, what is yellow to you might mean something very different to me! This potential problem has been overcome by Pantone using a system of allocating each color a numeric code.

Fast forward to today. Pantone is the most widely used color matching system internationally (except for Japan). You can read more about the background to Pantone’s developmentĀ here. These days their services are available in other areas such as interior design and decor.

Pantone’s Color of The Year

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Every year since 2000 Pantone selects a ‘color of the year’ as an identified trend. Many in the design and interior decor industry eagerly await the announcement.

Ultra Violet is the color selected for 2018 (to be precise PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet). According to Time Magazine, Pantone said the color was ‘dramatically provocative and thoughtful’.

Violet, or purple, are colors often associated with spirituality and mindfulness. I use them a great deal in my healing artwork. Some of my images are on trend!

Properties of Violet/Purple

The properties of violet/purple as a color range and the effect they have on a viewer is explored in an article written by me for Our Arts Magazine. The article is entitled ‘What Effect Does Colour Have On Us‘. Among other things, violet/purple suggest contemplation, peace and wisdom. That make a perfect color choice for these turbulent times we live in – well I think so!

My Art Work Containing Violet/Purple

Spiritual Brainwaves

New Collection

I haveĀ a new collection of images which contain various shades of violet and purple.

Customers can buy these images as fine art prints in a variety of sizes or formats. Some designs are also available on interior decor products. These include, for example, throw pillows, fleece blankets, towels and shower curtains.

Click here to view the collection.


New YouTube Video

I created this video with a sample of images from my Violet and Purple collection. The video is called ‘Violet and Purple for Interior Decor’.

The images in my blog today can be purchased as fine art prints, just click on the image to be taken to a page with more information.

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