Pets May Be Cute But

Pets are cute but
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Why am I writing a blog called ‘Pets May be Cute But’? Because we are going through a particularly busy period with animal problems. Let me elaborate.

The Story So Far

Spuddy McSpudface and his leg

Pets are Lovely But
Spuddy McSpudFace

Spud, or Spuddy McSpudFace as Barnet Boy calls him, is on his eighth week following major surgery on his leg. He is only eleven months old so this has been a big deal for him. We got him as a rescue with his brother Ringo (of whom more later) and they were three and a half months old and in a dreadful state when they came to us. I wrote about it in several earlier blogs (see for example the one that includes a Spud selfie).

We overcame malnutrition, skin problems, intestinal parasites, all of which go with having rescue dogs that had been totally neglected and abandoned by the road side. All was going well.

Then Spud started to limp just over two months ago. X-rays revealed a problem with the knee joint in his right front leg which led to surgery. This involved the vet deliberately breaking one of the bones in his leg and making a gap so bone would grow and fill it, all supported by a metal rod. Cue six weeks of cage rest and now we are nearing the end of two weeks of gradual introduction of walking on a lead. Monday he has the metal rod removed and we hope to get back to some degree of normality as we gradually expand his activities. We are exhausted!

Spud has, of course, forgotten all his training (well mostly he will still sit on command if you say it a few times and he will wait for you to go through the door) and is even more terrified of people. Sigh. Note to self, pets are cute.

Ringo, anal glands and a suspicious lump

Pets are Cute But
Pensive Puppy – Ringo

Spud’s brother Ringo has a mild hip dysplasia but the vet hopes he might grow out of that. What he has got is anal glands that keep blocking and so I now have to drain those regularly – lovely job, repeat after me – pets are cute. No difference made with diet, we will keep trying. Today we found a small lump on his side so on Monday we will get that looked at too.

Ringo has been a good boy whilst Spud has been recuperating and has not had as much exercise as he might like. He is growing up though and is a good cuddler as the puppy wriggling diminishes.

Kitten snuffles

Pets are Cute But
Kitten Flowers

We have two outdoor kittens currently being treated at the vet for cat flu and diarrhea. We were treating them at home until the diarrhea started and we were worried it would spread to the other cats so we isolated them and now they are getting the necessary treatment. They should be coming home tomorrow or Monday depending on how they have responded.

Luckily Stevie Mouse, Emmy, Lucy, Malteser and the rest of the outside cats seem to be fine! Phew! Just as well.

So, like I said, pets may be cute but…

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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