Re-using An Old Bedside Cabinet For My Succulents

Finished Succulent Unit

I have been meaning to get around to re-using an old bedside cabinet for my succulents. Cooler weather means working outside becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. So I put my plan into practice.

Re-using An Old Bedside Cabinet For My Succulents

How Did The Bedside Cabinet Become Available?

My two rescue dogs Ringo and Spud suffer from separation anxiety. Ringo is a bed shredder, Spuddy is a chewer. A couple of years ago, while we were out, Spud tore into a bedside cabinet and ripped large chunks out of it. He chewed the legs and bottom edge and tore huge splinters of wood out of it in places.

Re-using an old bedside cabinet
Dog Damage

Intentions To Re-use Both Bedside Cabinets

We put both the chewed cabinet and it’s perfect twin in a back room.

Both cabinets cost me the Italian equivalent of £5. I bought them 23 years ago when I first bought the house here. They have some sentimental value and are beautifully made but probably not worth a great deal. But regardless, it is good to try and re-use old items.

I had the vague intention that maybe I would get into decoupage to make something out of the wrecked one. But then I realized that it was too badly damaged even for that.

But it struck me that perhaps the chewed cabinet might make a great way of displaying my succulents. Once our daytime temperatures descended into upper 20sC/lower 30sC I put my plan into action.

Prepping The Cabinet

The cabinet will stand on a terrace with a wall and a full roof overhead. It will be protected from the worst effects of the weather in what is essentially an outside room.

Top of Succulent Unit

I started by removing the middle drawer and putting that on the top of the cabinet. I put some recycled plastic sheeting underneath it and also lined the drawer with the same material.

Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer I opened to the fullest extent and lined with plastic sheeting. Currently there is an inverted plant pot underneath it to help take the weight. Eventually Barnet Boy will cut me some wood to fit under there to provide support.

Top Drawer

The top drawer I opened part way (also lined with plastic sheeting).

Adding The Succulents

After a heavy session of porcupines digging out one of my large plant pots full of plants, I had a lot of ‘new’ succulents that had to be re-potted. I also took the opportunity to split some of them. I have a large selection of succulents as I mentioned in an earlier blog.

As you can see, I put the taller succulents on the top of the cabinet and then worked down, leaving the bottom drawer for ‘the babies’.

Finished Succulent Unit

It didn’t take long to do and I think the finished item is fantastic. A great way of re-using an old bedside cabinet. The dog chewing adds to the ‘rustic’ feel (LOL – that is what I keep telling myself anyway). In late autumn the succulents will go into my greenhouse for protection over winter and the cabinet will be covered to protect it.

Have you got a piece of old furniture you could re-use?

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  1. Nice recycle experience, Dorothy. I have an old sewing cabinet from my grandmother in my dining room. I’ve always intended to refinish it, but never got around to it. Maybe I’ll think about doing that now.

  2. Glad you liked it Mary. We are always looking for ways to re-use or re-purpose items rather than throwing them away. Every time we think we need something we start by wondering if there is something we already have that we can adapt.

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