Recommended Blog Reading

This page contains a list of my recommended blog reading. My blog doesn’t just promote my writing and art work. It also aims to provide information to key groups of people. This includes for cat/animal lovers, visitors to my area of Italy, visitors to London in the UK and artists/creatives.This resource page gives my recommendations on blogs suitable for each of those groups. The list is updated regularly.

Cat/Animal Lovers

I have a range of blogs about cat health. What can I say, I have 16 cats and a lot of experience with various medical conditions. I have had rescue cats for my entire adult life so I also have a lot of ‘tall tails’ to tell about them. I also also enjoy writing short stories about my cats. Here is the recommended blog reading for cat/animal lovers:

Cat Health

Cat Stories

Cat Fiction – short stories

For Dog Lovers

Visitors to Central Italy

I live in Umbria in Central Italy. A beautiful, peaceful, picturesque area with many hidden villages. Every time you turn a corner there is a beautiful old stone building, a field of poppies or sunflowers or some fabulous view. For Visitors to Central Italy (Umbria and Tuscany) looking for information on towns and villages to visit here is my recommended blog reading:

Visitors to London In the UK

I used to commute to London every day for work. I was much younger then and, to be honest, I was focused on getting to, and getting home from work. The joy of visiting London now is that I look at it with different eyes. I have time to look a what is around me and I have documented many interesting areas. For visitors to London in the UK here is my recommended blog reading:


I don’t get everything right, not by a long way. But if I try something I like to write a blog about it in the hope it might help someone else. So here is my recommended blog reading for creatives:


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