Remembering Art As A Hobby

Pebble Painting First Attempt

It is a long time since I thought about art as a hobby. As an artist selling her work on-line, with bills to pay, sometimes it is easy to forget to have fun with art. But having just had two weeks ‘staycation’ (at home) and removing all sales and marketing pressures, I have rediscovered my love for play through pebble painting!

Pebble Painting

Looking For A New Hobby For Mum

I had never thought about pebble painting before. My Mum has found it hard to be stuck at home for so many months owing to Covid-19. I wanted to get her a new hobby. Little did I know that while finding a hobby for her I found one for myself.

I ordered acrylic paint pen sets for both myself and my Mum. I ordered some flat pebbles for my Mum too, just to get her started. As I live on a white top road (unmade road with a stone and pebble topping) finding the pebbles to paint is not an issue for me.

Mum and I thought it would be a fun thing to do this together and then be able to compare what we had made.

My First Pebble Painting Exercise

What a learning experience my first pebble painting exercise was. Clearly I have an eye for composition and understand about the use of color. But getting those pens to start flowing the first time meant I got quite a bit of paint splattered on me and everywhere else. I was a bit too vigorous in shaking the pens!

Also, any painting I have done in the past has been on canvas, watercolor paper or glass. A pebble is a whole different ball game. I made a lot of ‘mistakes’ but it doesn’t matter as these are not for sale, they are for decorating my garden.

art as a hobby
Pebble Painting First Attempt

I didn’t have high hopes for my first piece, particularly when I managed to spill an unintentional splodge of green paint right at the start. But, hey, it was fun, and I really enjoyed doing it. I don’t think it came out too badly actually, and I am now hooked on art as a hobby. Another thing to keep me occupied in the winter months.

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Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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  1. Looks like fun! You should do some with glow-in-the-dark paints so that they’ll glow in your garden after dark.

  2. I’ve been thinking about buying myself a kit, Dorothy. I got my grandkids each a rock painting kit for Christmas, and they said they enjoyed painting the rocks, then they left them in visible spots on a local hiking trail for other people to find. I like that one you did, it’s beautiful.

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