Review Of Insight Timer Relaxation and Meditation App

review of Insight Timer

Today I am going to give my review of Insight Timer relaxation and meditation app which is available for computers or mobile devices. I have been using this app for 33 days now and I am impressed! Note I have not been paid for this review, it is just a resource I have found to be useful and want to share with you.

Review Of Insight Timer Relaxation And Meditation App

Discovering Insight Timer

As a Buddhist I have been meditating for many years. But sometimes I feel I would like a guided meditation. I also have problems sleeping because of tinnitus and Fibromyalgia. Recently, I was gifted a sound pillow and I am always looking for new relaxing and soothing music to play through it.

I did an internet search for relaxation and meditation apps and several options came up. I liked the sound of Insight Timer so tried that first – and haven’t needed to try another one.

review of Insight Timer

Setting Up Insight Timer

You can access the app through your computer or mobile device, I use my mobile phone. Insight Timer has a user-friendly interface, including a choice of languages. The sheer choice of material can be a bit daunting. But the vast majority of what is on offer on the app is free which is just amazing. I tell you more about the areas where you can pay if you wish a bit later.

The set up leads you through the registration process, which includes selecting topics of interest. You then create a profile and you can select the level of privacy you want. You can join groups so you work with a community and you can connect with friends. I have chosen not to do either but clearly it is personal choice.

Then you can jump straight in to using the resources. It took me a few days to orient myself and realize just how versatile this app is.

Starting the Day

I start the day by checking into Insight Timer. I like that the first thing you see is a motivational quote. A different one appears every time you open the home screen. Then there is the daily check in which you register how you are feeling today and the main influences on your mood. That always leads to some suggested meditations based on what you have entered.

I particularly like the short morning meditations. 5-10 minutes of setting an intent for the day, affirmations, calming any anxiety etc. As each comes to an end you have the opportunity to rate the experience with 1-5 stars and write a review. You can also choose the follow the teacher and there is the opportunity to make a small donation to the teacher if you wish.

Ending the Day

Occasionally I fit in a quick session of meditation during the day or play some background music. But mostly I find an evening session is really beneficial for me. Both in terms of relaxing after the day and preparing the mind for sleep. Mostly I choose 30 minute sessions of meditation, or a TED talk. I also use the ‘Power Naps’ from time to time, at any time of day. One I used recently is only 14 minutes long and I never actually dozed off but at the end I felt it had been hours and it was like I had a whole night’s sleep. Lovely!

More Detail About Insight Timer

I have given you an idea of what to expect from using Insight Timer, but here is a more detailed explanation of some of the facilities you can use that are really useful.


There is a simple timer for those who want to do their own meditation. You set the duration and activity type. You can choose to have a starting bell, ambient sound and interval bells.


The section on stats shows you how many sessions you have completed, how many times per day, how many minutes etc. There is a lot more detail but you get the idea.


The recent section shows you the resources you have used most recently. In my case, this morning shows a talk I listened to yesterday by Thich Nhat Hanh and a recent Throat Chakra Sound Bath Meditation.


Bookmarks is a really handy tool, you can tag any item for future use. It is easy to add and remove items. When I see something that might work for a morning or evening meditation I bookmark it. There is also a great search function on the app. While I am looking for something specific, if I see things I want to save for later I can bookmark them.


Another feature that I really love is Playlists. I use this for music for sleep. I currently have four tracks in a playlist I have called, imaginatively, Bedtime Music. It is possible to edit the playlist to add or remove tracks. I also like that you can play just one track or from a particular point in the playlist rather than go having to go through everything. One tip about playing music through your mobile device at night – remember to put it onto Do Not Disturb or everyone will be kept up all night with ‘dings’ as emails arrive!

Live Events, Courses And Workshops

There are a number of  free live events that take place which you can join in on.

There are courses and workshops, though these are additional pay events. You can also pay to have mentoring with your favorite teachers. You can access 584 courses in their entirety by paying $60 annual fee and becoming a ‘Member Plus’. Fifty per cent of that fee goes to the teachers. The fee also allows for offline listening and some enhanced audio features. Member Plus is available on a thirty day trial.

Review Of Insight Timer Summary

I highly recommend Insight Timer. The sheer amount of resources available free of charge is incredible. The range of topics and teachers means there is something for everyone. I see there is even a section for parents to work with children.

I am enjoying exploring the options available and working through the content I have bookmarked – though I add more every day! I can honestly say I feel more relaxed at the start of the day and again in the evening. My sleep has definitely improved. Not perfect but so much better than before.

Why not give it a go?

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  1. Meditation based stuff isn’t for me as my mind aggressively responds to trying to be forced to go quiet, and in some styoes of meditation, causes me to have a psychotic episode. However, just out of interest, is the app available on the iPhone and Android app stores?

  2. I already use a similar application which I have to admit was life changing for me. I could not understand how powerful meditation is before I try it but now I think I can’t live without. Thank you!

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