Review Of My Art And Writing 2018

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New Year’s Eve so it is time for a review of my art and writing during 2018. This includes some highlights from my year.

I Started The Year With An Award

Review of My Art and Writing
Mind in Meditation

January 2018 got off to a great start when I won a special merit award at the All Women Art Exhibition held by Light Space & Time Online Gallery for my piece ‘Mind in Meditation‘ one of my all time favorites of my own work.

In May 2018 I won a special mention in the Animal Art Exhibition organised by Light Space & Time Online Gallery for my piece ‘Enjoying the Spring Sunshine‘.

A Presentation to ‘Soggetto Donna’

In March I gave a presentation of my work to the ladies of ‘Soggetto Donna’ in Castiglione del Lago.  I wrote about it in my blog ‘Influences, Intention and Realising a Vision‘. Although I was a little nervous about presenting and answering questions in Italian, I really enjoyed it once I got going and the talk was well received.

Review of My Art And Writing
Alone in Beauty

I enjoyed talking about the influences on my work. In particular, a Velasquez painting, ‘Christ After the Flagellation Contemplated By A Christian Soul‘ and the wonderful church paintings by Pieter Saenredam.  Then to talk about the intention, or story, behind some of my images, like ‘Alone in Beauty’ in order to explain why I call myself a ‘visual storyteller’.

Then I got to talk about how sometimes I am driven by a vision of an image, of how it should be and how I keep working at a photograph or painting until I achieve that vision.

The presentation led to some nice sales too, including prints and some pretty scarves. In fact local sales, where I have been able to talk to potential buyers, have been good this year generally.

New Art Collections

Review Of My Art And Writing
Cherry Blossom Parasols

2018 saw some new art collections available on-line (for example on Signed, Cards).

A new range of images based around Japanese parasols has been well received.

I also added some Samurai helmets to my ‘Oriental Visions‘ collection to go with my ‘Memories of Samurai’ images featuring armor.

Review of My Art and Writing
Tuscan Autumn Landscape

I added a new collection based on images of Pienza in Tuscany. This includes my interpretation of the fabulous views of the Val D’Orcia and the quaint shops and streets within the town itself.

Earlier in the year I was also able to add a large number of images to my London collection. This includes images from Tower Bridge, Shad Thames and St Katharine Docks as well as the surrounding area and South Bank of the Thames.

My cats have featured strongly in my images for the year (surely not I hear you cry). Scrappy’s kittens have provided endless photo opportunities. I have also added quite a few new floral images.

Perhaps more importantly I have enjoyed the act of creating my artwork and presenting it in various ways throughout the year.

Blogs and Short Stories

Review of my art and writing
Stevie Mouse Is not Impressed

That is a lot of about my artwork. But a review of my art and writing needs to talk about this blog as I love writing it. My blog has continued regularly throughout the year including presenting new art and places I have visited. These include Pienza in Tuscany and parts of London in the UK which have provided enough material for a series of blogs).

There have been quite a few medical cat stories in my blog this year (as reviewed in my last blog post). And who can forget Scrappy and the kittens? I also wrote several short stories, my favourite one being ‘Where Do Kittens Come From Mum?’.

Fun has been had re-purposing some of my blogs as videos that have added to my growing YouTube Channel.

I have also continued to write my regular column for CQ International Magazine and have written occasionally for Our Arts Magazine.

My Plans For 2019?

Various writing projects are planned, including a book of my cat stories. One thing I had intended to do in 2018 was podcasts but it never happened for various reasons. That is firmly on my agenda in 2019, starting with readings from my books and stories.

For artwork, I am in the middle of planning a new series of abstract angel images including some collage work. That is a slow burn. Although I have a storyboard developed for the series and have bought the materials I need to work with. that final ‘vision push’ hasn’t happened yet that I need to get into the studio and start creating.

In 2019 I will visit and photograph more Italian towns and villages and continue producing images as the inspiration arises. You can count on more cats and flowers of course!

Thank you for following my work and writing, all the blog comments and the messages of support I have received. Also my thanks to those of you who have purchased my work. It all helps with the vet clinic bills! I hope you will find more to enjoy in my art and writing for the next year.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

My name is Dorothy Berry-Lound an artist and writer. You can find out more about my art and writing at

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thank you for reading!

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