See Art In A Room Setting Before You Buy

Did you know you can see art in a room setting before you buy? At my Pictorem store you can select the type of room, wall color and more in which to view your chosen print! Let me show you how.

See Art In A Room Setting Before You Buy

Why Look At Art In A Room Mock Up?

While it can be overused, showing wall art in a room mock up can help you, as a customer, imagine how a piece might look in your own home.

To Frame Or Not To Frame?

I look at this in detail in another blog but whether to frame or not can be an issue for customers. It is so difficult to imagine when you are buying art for your home. At my Pictorem store you can try look at the different print formats (including split prints) and review the options for different frames for the print you have selected.

In the example below , using my image ‘Misty Morning in Venice‘, you can see how the piece might look in a room mock up. But how do you do this in practice?

Try Your Art In A Room Setting Before You Buy

At my Pictorem store, for each image available to purchase as a fine art print there is the option to look at the art in a range of room settings. You can select the type of print; canvas, acrylic, brushed metal, hd metal and wood as well as the size you are thinking of purchasing. You can then select from over 80 room settings with blank walls on which to view your selection. Pick the one closest to your own wall space. Or you can select your background wall color. Finally you can add your choice of frame and then save what you have created to your computer. Here are a couple of examples.

Purple and Pink Dip Fantasy

For this abstract painting ‘Purple and Pink Dip Fantasy‘ I picked hd metal as the print format, 24 x 24 inches for the size and no frame. This is a bold piece that will look great on a plain wall like the one depicted in the mock up.

Narrow Street In Cetona Tuscany

For this black and white image ‘Narrow Street in Cetona Tuscany‘ I selected a canvas format, 24 x 32 inches and a silver frame. As you can see, the prints looks fabulous as an isolated print on a narrow wall.

The Willow Bridge

In my final example, here is ‘The Willow Bridge‘. I went for a brushed metal format, 36×49 inches in a living room setting. The large print looks fabulous in this space.

Buying art is a great investment for your home or business, but it is important to take the time to ensure the print will work where you are planning to hang it. Being able to visualize a room space in this way is a great help in your decision making.

Click here to view my collection on Pictorem (free shipping in North America).

Interior Decor Video

On my YouTube Channel I have a large number of videos of my art work but this one shows how some of my work might look in a room setting. I think it works well, what do you think?

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