Snow Brings Out The Child In Us

snow cat

Snow brings out the child in us. That is, if you can bury the adult that worries about getting snowed in, falling on the ice and more!

Winter Countryside

Snow Brings Out The Child In Us

From 20C to -3C

Last Saturday we enjoyed temperatures of 20C in Central Italy. It was beautifully warm, like an early spring. We spent the day pruning olive trees and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine.

Fast forward seven days and we woke up to six inches of snow. What is that all about?

Snowy view

Initial Practicalities

Check on the cats

First thing was to make sure the outside cats were fine. They were all snugged up in their beds with their thermal blankets. They have three places they can sleep. There is a bed on the front porch which currently holds the record of four cats crammed in on top of one another. That bed is a favourite as it is close to the three bowls of dried food that are left out by our front door at all times.

Then there is under the outside stairs. A really snug area with two small and one large bed and a large rug hanging on the opening to keep out the cold and wind. I talked about that area in one of my blogs about preparing cat beds for winter.

Finally, there is a back room of the house that has not been restored so the cats can come and go as they wish. Inside there is an armchair and various beds. Not only is it a safe space, it also gets quite warm in there as the pipes for the radiators run along the ceiling, providing some heat.

Clean the snow out of the cat garden

I have talked about the cat garden in a previous blog. There wasn’t a lot of snow under the roof, but drifting snow from the wind had buried the cat bowls on the feeding tables. I dug all those out and cleared the top of the tables.

Making a path for the cats

As you can see, there is a cat obsession here. I cleared a path so the cats can get across the front path of the house and into the cat garden and food without having to walk through snow.

Having fun with the dogs

Playing with the dogs in their run

Well, snow brings out the child in us but the dogs seemed to enjoy it too. They had a wonderful time chasing each other! As black dogs they finished up looking vaguely gray from rolling in the snow.

Building a snow cat

snow brings out the child in us
snow cat

Final proof, if you need it, that snow brings out the child in us. I decided to go out and build a snow cat. It was such fun I didn’t really notice the cold. Until I came inside and it took me ages to warm my hands up again!

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