Spud And The Wasp Nest

Spud and the wasp nest, what a nightmare.  We keep telling our dog Spud not to put his head in one of the big flower pots. But it is difficult to explain to a dog that it is because there are wasps in there.

Dogs Sniff Everything

The thing about dogs is they have to sniff everything so they stick their noses in all my plants. Some of my best cuttings are things broken off by Spud and his brother Ringo! Anyway, we keep telling Spud ‘no’, and moving him away from the pot with the wasps.

The Pot With The Wasp Nest

The Wasp Nest

This is a big plant container with individual pots inside it, so the wasps have found spaces and set up home in there. It is easy enough to move around the pot because of where it is. I first found them when I watered the pot and four or five flew out and one stung me on my foot. Now I water from a distance and stand well back.

As a Buddhist getting rid of the wasp nest is not an option and up until this morning we were all getting happily together. They have their space and we have ours. They are not the sort that just attack if they see movement, they are quite happy with us moving around. Up until Spud decided there might be a lizard in the pot.

A lizard Made A Quick Escape

“Hello boys!”

Actually there had been a lizard under the pot but while the dogs had their backs turned it scarpered and disappeared over the side of the terrace. There was a lovely moment when it stuck its head back up (like the one in the image) as if to say “did they notice?”. The answer is no, they were too busy snuffling around looking for him in the wrong direction.

Spud Got Stung

Then it happened. I didn’t actually see Spud do it because I was playing with Stevie Mouse, but the yelping said it all. I turned round to see Spuddy trying to escape three very angry wasps. He came running to me, stung on his face and his back leg. I guess he thought I wasn’t looking so it was okay to put his head in the pot.

He is fine of course, big strapping lad that he is, he seems to have forgotten it for the moment. But I am rather hoping it taught him a lesson and he might keep his nose out of my plants.

What do you think? Any chance?

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