Start The Day With A Cat Or Two

starting the day with a cat
Stevie Mouse Dozing

Start the day with a cat or two, or three or more. Every day starts that way for me. But this morning was a bit more eventful than usual.

Start The Day With A Cat Or Two

Waking Up With Stevie Mouse

For the last week, Stevie Mouse has insisted on coming downstairs to the bedroom to visit me. Barnet Boy gets up and walks the dogs and leaves me in bed. Stevie thinks this is a great time to visit as she can snuggle under the bed clothes with me.

starting the day with a cat
Stevie Mouse Dozing

Today Stevie was luckier than usual as my legs and feet were cold in the night so I had a fleece blanket over my legs on top of the quilt. Cat heaven! I love this photo of her with her whiskers highlighted by the sunlight.

Showering With Stevie Mouse

Something that should take little time and effort, a morning shower and hair wash is complicated when you start the day with a cat. Having checked out the shower, and ran off when the water started running, Stevie soon returned to help me dry myself by swinging on the edge of the towel. While I was dressing, she helpfully pulled out all the bedding from the dog beds.

As I opened my bedside drawer to pull out some moisturizer, Stevie helpfully jumped in the drawer.

I think by now you are starting to get the idea.

Arriving Upstairs

Excited Dogs

Our bedrooms are downstairs and we live upstairs so Stevie Mouse and I exited the bedroom and went upstairs and through the door into the day room/office. I was greeted by two very excited dogs. Ringo and Spud always behave as if they haven’t seen me for days when it has only been an hour.

Faces At The Window

Outside Looking In

But before I could get as far as my breakfast there was a noise at the window and the dogs started whining. On the roof of the back of the house, looking through the window, were Scruff and Monk. I think they had gone up there to sunbathe or engage in a bit of lizard hunting. But when they saw me they were at the window looking in.

The window they were peering through is dirty having taken the brunt of winter storms and not been cleaned for a few weeks. There is also a mosquito net and a security grill. So I am not sure how much they could see as they looked in, they were pretty clear to the naked eye though not to the camera on my phone!

Getting Bored

After a while they got bored and went off to find a sunny spot for a snooze.

Stevie Mouse Repelling Borders

starting the day with a cat
Stevie Mouse Looking Out

Of course, Stevie Mouse had to get in on the act and was sitting on the window ledge telling them what she thought of them. She is safe in the knowledge that they can’t get her. Partly because they can’t get through the window and also because she doesn’t go out because of her poor eyesight. So no chance of being tackled later behind the tractor shed!

Meanwhile There Was Lucy

starting the day with a cat
Lucy Wants To Go Play Downstairs

I nearly fell over Lucy who was partly saying hello but also had one eye on the door in the hope I would open it and she could go and explore the bedrooms downstairs. Not happening!

Obviously Not A Dog Morning

The Boys Being Good

The dogs were exhausted by the whole thing and gave up watching the cats and lay down on the sofa. For once they were quite well behaved.

And Where Was The Horror Treacle?

Treacle Slept Through It All

That only left Treacle, the only other cat in the house at the time. Usually he would be in the thick of the action. But where was he? He slept through the whole thing having spent the whole night outside on the razzle.

And all this before my breakfast. Delayed as a consequence of starting the day with a cat – or two.

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