Stressful Trip To The Veterinary Clinic

trip to the veterinary clinic
Snoozing Beauty

How could one trip to the Veterinary Clinic turn out to be so stressful?

Emmy’s Trip To The Veterinary Clinic

Today was the day for Emmy to have blood tests to check her kidneys and medication levels etc. This is three months since she started her new medication. Emmy is our little cat with epilepsy. Well she is not little, she has put on 0.8 of a kilo since November as a result of the medication she is on!

Emmy has only had one seizure in three months which is pretty good going but we needed to do a check up.

trip to the veterinary clinic
40 Furry Winks

As I Pulled Into The Car Park

It is about a 15 minute journey to the veterinary clinic that we use. Emmy was carefully put in her basket and strapped into the back of the car for the journey. She didn’t make a sound the whole way but I chatted to her regularly about things. Like how pretty the poppies were in the fields. How bad a driver the guy in front was. That I had managed not to run over the lizard that run out in front of me. That sort of thing. The sort of thing a cat needs to know about.

It all went so well until Emmy vomited in the car just as I pulled into the vet’s car park. Cat owners will know what I mean when I say there was the sound of yodeling from the back of the car which made my heart sink. Then it happened. Noisily. Great.

It took three of us to get Emmy carefully out of her travel cage as, having got upset during the journey, Emmy had decided she wasn’t co-operating! Bear in mind we are supposed to keep her calm so she doesn’t have a seizure!

It was an hour and a half since Emmy had taken her epilepsy tablet. So there is me and two vets sifting through what she had vomited to check there was no sign of the tablet. They said the medication should have been absorbed anyway but it was best to do a visual check. Lovely. Just as well I love this cat I thought!

La Principessa (The Princess)

Taking Blood

We only had one job, to take just enough blood from Emmy’s leg for the tests that were going to take place. Simple enough you would think. But the needle went in her arm, the little tube started to fill with blood and then… nothing. Emmy clearly had decided her blood wasn’t going anywhere. Literally nothing was coming out. It took a lot of patience as the occasional drop appeared and the other vet massaged her leg but eventually we got enough for the tests.

I write this laughing (in desperation!), but as soon as the needle was removed of course her leg started to gush blood! It took a while to stem the bleed during which time her white leg and paw changed color. As did my hands and those of the vet. I had to remind myself that a little blood goes a long way and it always looks worse than it really is.

We put Emmy, with a bloody leg and dirty feet (from what happened earlier) back in her basket and that was job done. Two baleful eyes stared at me from inside the cat carrier.

trip to the veterinary clinic
Snoozing Beauty

The Tale of Two Prescriptions

Barnet Boy Took Over

The vet gave me a new prescription for Emmy’s medication and another for Malteser (our cat with asthma) as he was due a renewal. I then drove Emmy home to clean her up and handed the prescriptions to Barnet Boy who went out to the pharmacist.

Problems With The Prescriptions

But the pharmacist wouldn’t do it! She said both were the wrong type of prescriptions according to new regulations. Without going into the detail, as I am officially brain dead now, they needed the new type. BB rang me and I rang the vet. Who said there was nothing wrong with the prescriptions! But that if our pharmacy wouldn’t do them the one in the town near them would. I told BB who got me to speak to the pharmacist he was with and explain that we were going to try somewhere else.

BB then drove to the other town and went to the pharmacist there … and they wouldn’t accept the prescriptions either! That banging sound you can hear is my head thumping the wall.

What Do You Mean There Are Two Pharmacies?

BB had to make another trip to the veterinary clinic and handed me the phone to talk to our lovely lady vet who looks after us. It became clear BB had gone to the wrong pharmacy – there are two in town. Not sure how we were supposed to know that without being told. Anyway, one prescription was changed to the new format the pharmacists want. The vet also phoned the chemist BB should have gone to, to make sure they would accept the other prescription.

Success At Last

Finally, the new pharmacist accepted both prescriptions, handed over Malteser’s medication and Emmy’s will be delivered tomorrow afternoon.

trip to the veterinary clinic
Feed Me Then!

The Aftermath

Emmy looks fine and has cleaned herself up. The Vet has already told us that the basic blood tests all came back fine, no problems with her at all. It will be a week until we get the results of the other test as it has been sent to Germany. So we are now just keeping an eye on Emmy and hoping the stress doesn’t cause a seizure.

Barnet Boy and I, on the other hand, are both walking around like zombies.

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