Stunning New Art Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy

an abstract painting featuring purple and pink with golden highlights. Clouds of mixing shades of lilac rise up the painting, intermingling with pink and ultimately reaching golden and black highlights at the top.
Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy 1

Introducing my latest, stunning new art Purple and Pink Dip Fantasy 1 and 2. Created in my studio in Central Italy, these two pieces are mirror dip acrylic pours. Read on and find out more!

Stunning New Art

Acrylic Pours

I dabble in a little bit of everything in my art studio. From drawing to watercolors, crafting and painting in acrylics. Plus digital art and photo art of course. Recently, I have been working with acrylic pouring paint.

This is a whole different way of working, applying the paint by pouring it onto the canvas or art board and then using various techniques to create a design in the paint. This is the technique I used on the old CDs I have been up-cycling for home decor.

Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy
Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy 1

The Making Of The Two New Art Pieces

Choosing The Colors

It is important to think about the colors that are going to be used. Some will overpower the others. And there is a fine balance between a color highlighting an image and swamping it. Not that I always feel in control of my colors (see my short story The Day The Colors Fought Back).

I wanted this design to be predominantly purple and pink with subtle color highlights. The highlights I chose include yellow which is a wonderful complimentary color to purple. I knew in my head roughly what I was looking for in the final piece. But the fun with acrylic pours and the technique I chose to use is that you never quite know what you are going to get in the finished piece.

Making It Happen

To create this particular design, I set two square canvases side by side on my art table. I poured a pale pink layer across both. Then poured the main paint across the two canvases, slightly more purple on one, slightly more pink on the other. Then drizzled on the highlight colors where I wanted them to be.

The scary bit was next. Picking up both canvases and actually pressing them together to distribute the paint. That was a bit fiddly, not to mention messy! I applied even pressure all over the canvases on both sides. Then carefully opened the canvases up to see what I had got. And they were lovely! A little bit of touching up and ensuring the sides of the canvas were tidy. Then they had to go to one side to dry.

The Paint Changes As It Dries

You never know what the final piece will look like until it dries. I used some silicone oil in the highlight paints to encourage the creation of some cells. The cells continue to develop for a while after you set the painting to one side. The colors too will deepen or lighten depending on the shades selected.

purple and pink dip fantasy
Purple and Pink Dip Fantasy 2

The final two pieces are stunning and I am delighted with them. I have the originals hanging in my bedroom. Which do you prefer of the two?

Links To Purchase

You can buy both Purple and Pink Dip Fantasy 1 and 2 at all of my print stores either as prints or on various products. Go to my website for more information.

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  1. Ooh this is absolutely wonderful! The colours are beautiful, and I really love the contrasts. Thanks for sharing x

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