The Attraction Of A Door

What is it about half open doors
The Overgrown Doorway

What is the attraction of a door? What makes us walk past, or stop to admire a doorway? If a door is half open, do we sneak a peek or push it open to see more? As an artist I love doors, they are an opportunity for me to be creative to produce an image with a story.

The Attraction Of A Door

What is the attraction of a door for my photo artwork?

The Closed Door

The obvious point about a closed door is it acts as a barrier and is a clear sign staying keep out. How many horror films do we watch where there is creepy music, someone has their hand on a door handle and you just know they shouldn’t open that door? But most doors are friendly!

The Attraction Of A Door
Italian Wooden Doors Collage

I wrote a blog about the romance of ornate doorways. All of the featured doors were closed. Some were old and worn and unused. Others were quite opulent. Here in Italy, for houses with little or no garden, the entrance doorway becomes the opportunity to have plants on display. Everyone adds a bit of their own personality to the door. I also love the way many of the older doors (as shown in the collage above) have ornate carving, sometimes unique door knockers, and a little semi-circular window at the top letting light into the entrance. Nothing scary about those doors, just very attractive and definitely giving ‘curb appeal’ to the property.

The Open Door

With an open door, nothing is hidden and we get a glimpse of the world behind it. In the image below the door opens onto a hidden courtyard with a beautiful outdoor seating area filled with plants. It is inviting and also a bit ethereal. On a busy high street, if the door was closed we would never know this secret courtyard existed. One of the things I particularly like about this image is that on a wall it actually creates the impression of a window looking out.

What is it about a half open door
The Secret Courtyard

I really liked this ‘door within a door’ that I came across at the Pallazo della Corgna in Citta della Pieve in Umbria, Italy. The original door is enormous! It dates back to medieval times. But what I really like about this image is the fact that the door is open with a view into a courtyard beyond containing an old well. And just to add to the feeling of depth and intrigue there is yet another door behind the well.

what is it about half open doors
Entrance to Pallazo della Corgna Citta della Pieve

The Half Open Door

Now this is where we just have a peek of the world behind the door. But what is the story behind it? Take this rusty old doorway that I came across. Ivy and weeds have grown all around it and there is moss on the stone step that has grown undisturbed. For me, the combination of the rust and the green was captivating. But who used to come in and out of this door in times past? The doorway has a mystical element.

What is it about half open doors
The Overgrown Doorway

It is not only me who loves a half open door. I caught Ms Stevie Mouse peaking at me through a part open wooden door. I get the impression it is not the first time she has done it either! There is a clearly a little bit of the voyeur in her, sitting safely behind a door observing everything else going on the other side.

Looking From The Other Side

So, what do you think? Do you have the same fascination with doors and doorways?

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  1. I love doorways, Dorothy. Doors and windows are fascinating. I love your take on the sometimes mysterious door.

  2. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be reading a post about a door, but here I am finding it rather interesting to do so. Doors feature in a lot things as metaphors and sayings, like, “when one door closes another door opens”, so I think we collectively have a thing for doors

  3. I do feel fascinated by doors. I loved the collection of photos you had in your post, specifically the one with the one door on a huge door and another one inside.Doors can be related to so many things. The doors of our minds is my favourite example. I really enjoyed reading this Dorothy!

  4. I love your art Dorothy! And this post made me smile. I was recently in the main city of Socotra Island where I spend my days taking photographs of all the doors. Each door was painted differently with beautiful intricate designs 🙂

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