The Journey

The Journey
The Journey

I was reminded about a book I wrote a few years ago called ‘The Journey’. Published in 2003, it is a story told in poetry form illustrated by some of my paintings.

The Journey

The Journey
The Journey

The reminder about The Journey was being asked to go to a gathering being organised by a friend and being asked to bring along some poetry to read. Well, the common language in the group was Italian which is okay for everyday conversation but a real problem when it comes to translating poetry! I decided to read an extract from The Journey in English and let the energy of the piece work its magic.

I told the story of the piece I was about to read, in Italian, giving them almost a visual description of what they were about to hear. And this is what I read to them.


Extract from The Journey

A movement in the sky
caught the eye of Shan
as a buzzard soared
ever upwards,
mingling with a cloud
of rainbow hues
as the sun refracted
the crystals therein.
For a moment,
Shan’s consciousness
became the bird
and flew with freedom
and ease
within the myriad hues.
No fear, no fear
just wild abandonment,
freed from the
trappings of physicality
and released into
the childhood mists
of abandonment and delight.
Until the pull of
reality beckoned,
allowing the bird to go
on its way
and Shan on hers.

(c) Dorothy Berry-Lound

The reading was well received and I enjoyed doing it (having been a little nervous beforehand I have to say).

The book is available directly from me at a cost of £5.99 plus post and packing costs (sent from Italy). Contact me for more details.

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