The Perfect Start To My Day

perfect start to my day
Good Morning Stevie Mouse

The perfect start to my day involves Stevie Mouse (of course) and some quiet time.

The Perfect Start To My Day

The Animals Wait For Me

Barnet Boy gets up first and walks the dogs, feeds the cats etc. I enjoy half an hour or so more in bed on my own. A little bit of ‘me time’. But I know that my little chum Stevie Mouse is waiting for me to get up so I can’t stay in bed too long!

Coming through the door into the kitchen I am greeted by Stevie first. Then Emmy and Lucy appear followed by Spud and Ringo who arrive fast and furious to say ‘morning Mum’. With my arms full of laundry it is difficult to give the dogs the heavy duty good morning they expect so they run off quickly back to their Dad.

By the time I get up this morning, Malteser has already had his morning medication and renal food and gone off to have a day outside. Regular readers will know he has asthma and kidney problems. Treacle has not yet come home from a night out with his mates (typical teenager LOL). When he is ready, he will scream at the front door, hanging on the door so he can look through the glass, until I let him in.

Preparing My Breakfast

perfect start to my day
Stevie Mouse On The Window Ledge

As I prepare my breakfast I am aware of being watched. Stevie is sitting on the window ledge asking for food. She doesn’t really want the food of course, she just wants me to notice she is there.

I step carefully over Emmy as I prepare my coffee. Emmy has a tendency to just flop down and lay stretched out on the floor wherever she may be. It is good exercise having to move around her (or so I tell myself).

Stevie knows the sound of milk being frothed and knows that any moment now the perfect start to my day will become the perfect start to hers.

A Girl Session On The Back Terrace

Stevie, Emmy and I go and sit on the back terrace. This is serious girl time, no boys allowed. Much to the dogs’ disgust they stay with their Dad. At 25C (77F), with the sun not yet fully on the back terrace yet, it is very pleasant.

This morning I pull the sun shade across the pergola and a group of wasps fly out. Luckily they are the friendly sort so I don’t get stung. Unlike the sand fly that bit me the other night who is not on my Christmas card list (read my blog about getting bitten).

Sitting down I eat my breakfast. Homemade apricot jam, from our own apricots, on walnut bread and a large cappuccino in my ‘Hello Gorgeous’ coffee cup.

The Little Cat That Lives In the Door

perfect start to my day
Emmy Staring At Her Reflection In The Door

Meanwhile, Emmy is saying hello to the little cat that lives behind the glass door on the terrace. For years Emmy has said hello to the cat and of course the cat seems to be answering. We haven’t the heart to tell Emmy it is her own reflection. Thank goodness Emmy’s new epilepsy medication is working, no seizures since May. Long may it continue.

I hear an alarm go off in the house and Barnet Boy brings Emmy her morning tablet which I give her. She then decides to go back in the house with her Dad, leaving Stevie Mouse and I to our own devices

The Hunt For Flowers

perfect start to my day
Good Morning Stevie Mouse

Stevie Mouse immediately starts to play with the plastic flowers she has hidden in various places. One is pulled out from under the patio sofa I see. Throwing it around and patting it backwards and forwards between her paws she is having a great time. It is such a joy to watch her having fun

Just Being And Listening

perfect start to my day
View From The Terrace

Once we have settled down, the first thing to notice is the peace and quiet. But as I really relax I become aware of noise and movement. The BeeEaters are swooping around above and in front of the house, catching insects. Beautiful, fast moving birds with rapid wing beats, they make a wonderful trilling sound as they fly. A pigeon flies below me, looking for all the world like it has been spattered with white paint (it wasn’t me, honest!).

I hear a train in the distance and when I look there is a red train moving slowly along the tracks way down in the valley. A farmer is working in his field and I can just make out the hum of his tractor.

As I look down the valley I can see water being sprayed on fields and people looking like they are planting something in a field. The lake looks blue but with a slight haze over it this morning.

I am aware of a slight smell, not unpleasant, and can’t quite figure out what it is.

Brought Back To Earth

The whine of a dog brings me out of my reverie. I realize it is starting to get hot as the sun is now fully on the terrace. Much to Stevie’s disgust I take in my breakfast things and then come back and take her in.

But it has been a perfect start to my day. And we can do it all again tomorrow.

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Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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  1. A really nice start to the day. I got up, took my shower – and went back to bed to catch a quick ‘nother hour of sleep. Then up to fix my breakfast. It’s raining this morning – a light drizzle – which will mean driving the back roads to see the doctor – takes a bit longer, but the interstate is hazardous in the rain. May you have many more mornings like this. rd

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