Three Interesting Architectural Feature Combinations

architectural features

A short blog looking at three interesting architectural feature combinations that really caught my eye.

Architectural Feature Combinations London, UK

Shad Thames London

architectural features
Staircase Contrasts

Earlier this year I spent some time wandering around Shad Thames in London. As I wrote in my blog, I was completely captivated by the metal walkways that originally connected Butlers Wharf with the warehousing in the Shad Thames district. However, as well as the historical architecture, some of the newer architectural features caught my eye.

What is not to like about this crazy collection of staircases/stairways?  A straight metal stairway, a spiral metal fire escape and then a more formal stone stairway entrance to the office building. What a wonderful collection of shapes and contrasting shades of light and dark. So many emergency exits, support handrails – and even a traffic cone for good measure. Security gone crazy. This is one of my favorite images from my trip to London.

A Walk Along The River Thames

architectural features
Architecture Profile Towards Southwark Bridge

There is a wonderful walk along the South Bank of the River Thames that runs from Tower Bridge towards Westminster. There are so many wonderful things to photograph you honestly don’t know which way to turn. But having photographed some great tourist attractions and landmarks I also saw some great architectural feature combinations.

This image looking towards Southwark Bridge is a case in point. Passing the red life jacket station which is just visible and provides a splash of dramatic color, the row of black street lamps lead your eye down along the walkway by the side of the River Thames towards the blue bridge. However, to get there you have to walk under some wonderful glass buildings including one with a curve. In this image it looks like it bulging out towards the bridge.

Architectural Feature Combinations Tuscany, Italy

Paying Attention in Pienza in Tuscany

architectural features

The main attraction of walking along the town walls on the edge of Pienza in Tuscany, Italy was the beautiful view of the Val D’Orcia (talked about in a previous blog). But if you could tear your eyes away from the fabulous view there were other things to be seen.

Heading towards the Chiesa S.Giovanni my eye spied this wonderful collection of architectural features. A stone built wall with an ornate metal window grill and a black street lamp on a bracket nearby. Then beyond, the edge of the church itself and a long strip of stained glass window.

Altogether softer than the Southwark Bridge image but, for me, it has the same impact.

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