Umbrellas Make Great Gift Ideas

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Umbrellas make great gift ideas. So, I am delighted to be selling them with my lovely acrylic painting designs at my new store at Contrado.

Umbrellas Make Great Gift Ideas

One of my favourite ever TV skits was on a Morecombe and Wise show – hands up those of you who remember Morecombe and Wise? For those of you who don’t know, Eric Morecombe and Ernie Wise were an English comic double act. Their Christmas shows were legend! But one of their great skits, in my opinion, was a take off of the Gene Kelly dance scene in the film ‘Singing In The Rain’. So innocent, and pure comedy gold! Here it is, a bit a dated but fun!

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Which brings me nicely to my gift idea. Umbrellas! Also known as brollies, who could be without one, or two? We have a large one for walking the dogs to try and keep the walker and the dogs dry at the same time. At least two in the car, because you know you can never find one when you want one under all the stuff we keep in the car. There is one in my studio in case I have to get up in the night to take our dog Ringo out for a quick pee. Oh and two in an umbrella stand by the front door!

So, I am pleased to be able to offer brollies at my new Contrado store as umbrellas make great gift ideas. Below is an idea of what is available. What is really cool is that because the umbrellas are constructed in panels it is just a triangular strip of my painting that is used and then repeated, which creates an incredible kaleidoscope-type look. You can choose from brown or black handles.

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Where to buy umbrellas with my designs

Find out more by going to my website and click the tab ‘Shop Contrado’.

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