Unicorns On A Christmas Card

Unicorns Live In Rainbows Christmas Greeting Card

As the title suggests, one of my new Christmas Card designs for this year features unicorns. Well why not?

I Love Unicorns

Horses Dream Of Being Unicorns

Horses Dream Of Becoming Unicorns

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love unicorns. I have written a blog about horses dreaming of becoming unicorns.

My Unicorn Collection

Original Unicorn and Chum

I started out by buying one unicorn and then felt it was lonely so I bought it a pal. Then I bought another and another. Barnet Boy bought me a key ring unicorn that poops when you squeeze it (nice touch that I thought).

The triumph of my collection is a unicorn cat that my Uncle bought me. We were up in Panicale, the next town from where I live here in Umbria, and as we walked past a shop the unicorn cat was sitting in the window looking at us. “You have got to have that,” said my Uncle charging into the shop and emerging a few minutes later with it under his arm.

Cat Unicorn And Friends

Designing The Card Image

2020 Has Been A Strange Year

How is that for an understatement? Normally my Christmas card designs feature cute animals like Stevie Mouse, snow, Santa hats and lots of goodwill. Well I have some new cards featuring those things (including Stevie Mouse in a Santa hat with snow). But this year I felt I also wanted to design something different.

Unless things change dramatically between now and Christmas, our celebrations may not be quite the same as in previous years. People need some love and cuddles!

Why Unicorns?

I chose unicorns to feature in my design because they make me happy. And because they are mythical creatures, full of magic and enchantment. I imagined that my unicorns live in rainbows. A symbol of good luck, unicorns are said to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds. I am thinking we could all do with some good luck and a bit of magic this year.

Finding The Right Words

Having decided to use unicorns in the design, the next thing was to come up with the words on the front of the card. Happy Christmas, Christmas Greetings, All Good Wishes for Christmas all sounded a bit lame, frankly. I wanted to give a positive message with the words I used. In the end I chose:

“Fill Your Dreams With Love This Christmas”.

I think that does it. A pretty card that appeals to all ages, with a positive message.

Unicorns Live In Rainbows Christmas Greeting Card

You can buy this card, and other Christmas and special occasion cards from my RedBubble Store.

If you live in the USA, and/or know someone who does, you can send this card to them from my Signed, Card storefront, to addresses in the USA only.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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