Vaiano An Italian Village in Umbria

Central Square Vaiano
Lago Di Chiusi Tuscany Panorama

Recently I visited an Italian village, Vaiano in Umbria, which has the most wonderful views of Lago di Chiusi. I know Vaiano well because I have friends that live there who have a fabulous view of the lake. This panorama of Lago di Chiusi is based on a photograph I took from the road just outside the village. Just imagine seeing that view every day!


Facts About Vaiano

View from Vaiano over Lago di Chiusi

Vaiano is on the road from Villastrada to Gioella in Umbria though the many roads leading off the village also link it to Porto, and Sanfattuchio. Not far from Castiglione del Lago which sits on Lago Trasimeno, approximately 220 people live in the village, which stands 371 metres (405 yards) above sea level. The village sits in an area boasting Roman and Etruscan archeological finds.

Central Vaiano

Central Square Vaiano

Central Vaiano has a large piazza or square with several beautiful buildings on its edge as can be seen from my image ‘Central Square Vaiano‘. As well as a large space for activities (and acting as a car park) this is also a place where the locals meet, sit on the benches and discuss the latest news.

Bell Tower of San Egidio Abate in Vaiano

There is a war memorial which stands off to one side of the piazza and the village has a large church on the edge of the central piazza, San Egidio Abate which has a beautiful bell tower shown here.

Madrevite Winery

Since 2001, Vaiano has been the home of Madrevite winery which is based just on the outskirts of the village overlooking Lago di Chiusi directly below it and Lago Trasimeno off in the distance in the other direction. Madrevite offer regular wine tours all year round and Barnet Boy can vouch for the quality of the wine.


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