Vote Spud For Prime Minister

Vote Spud For Prime Minister plus a black dog
Vote Spud For Prime Minister

Vote Spud for Prime Minister? My dog Spud has just launched his bid for leadership of government in either the UK or Italy. He is bilingual so he doesn’t mind which. You say biscuit, he says biscotto. But what does Spud have to offer?

Vote Spud For Prime Minister


July 2022 and the Conservative Party in the UK are undergoing a leadership contest to elect a new leader who will take over as Prime Minister from Boris Johnson. At much the same time, the coalition government in Italy, led by Mario Draghi, is going through something of a crisis which may, or may not, lead to a general election. This is where Spud’s campaign steps in.

Spuds Election Manifesto

Vote Spud For Prime Minister plus a black dog
Vote Spud For Prime Minister

If you vote Spud for Prime Minister, he has the intention of creating a strong, stable environment in which dogs and cats can thrive. Here are the main points from his election manifesto.

Main Points

Part One

1. Free meals to all puppies and kittens everywhere at any time of day, anywhere, always. Because they are our future.
2. Runs in the countryside have to be allowed on request without means testing. Those with incomes over ‘quite a lot’ will have to pay for this privilege with their money paying for those who are poor to be able to take part.
3. All visits to veterinary clinic to be reviewed and approved in advance. Other dogs can take Spud’s place in the queue in the interest of fairness for all.
4. Biscuits can be used instead of identity cards/driving licences to prove identity.

5. Hours spent on the internet will be monitored closely to ensure adequate time is set aside for tummy tickling. YouTube videos that make funny noises that make dogs bark will be banned.

Part Two

6. Love and care for dogs and cats will be provided at no charge and nothing will have to be sold to pay for it.
7. Provision will be made for a log fire to be going at all times during winter months to keep everyone warm and everyone will be welcome to sit in front of it without means testing including old people (ie Mummy and Daddy).
8. Anyone can come visit regardless of residency status, and they will be warmly welcomed, providing they bring a biscuit.
9. Biscuits will be the new unit of currency.
10. All forms of hunting of animals will be replaced by drag hunting using politicians.

11. Investment in defense will be maintained with the purchase of two new water cannons to fight off the hunting dogs and keep the cat sisters and brothers safe.

Conclusion and Final Statement

These proposals have all been costed using the same economic modelling employed by the UK Conservative Party and will save the economy millions and millions of pounds that will all translate into a biscuit mountain…


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