When A Music Video Becomes Art

The introductory screen to a Youtube Video by Ane Brun Do You Remember (Official Video). It shows a number of dancers and a singer standing in front of them.

When a music video becomes art looks at a couple of my favourite videos where the story and visual impact just blend with the song.

When A Music Video Becomes Art

Ane Brun – Do You Remember?

My first choice for when a music video becomes art is actually one from a set of four that come together to tell a story. If you have never heard of Ane Brun you are in for a treat! Born in Norway, but now living in Sweden, Ane has the most incredible voice.

Her 2011 album, It All Starts With One, includes four tracks that make a set of four must watch videos. The four tracks are 1. Words 2. One 3. Do you remember? 4. Worship. These four videos were originally one short film entitled One

Why Choose One In Particular?

The video I have picked here is Do You Remember? as, for me at least, it achieves the pinnacle of the concept of when a music video becomes art. The visuals are stunning, the story bitter sweet. Much is left open to interpretation. Is it the story of a relationship that has broken? Is it the hallucinations of someone with some form of dementia? Is it a representation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Each viewer can come to their own conclusion. It becomes a bit clearer if you watch all four videos in sequence. There is a familiar, yet other worldly feel to the people appearing in the video and the lighting is just incredible.

One point to note, the melody in this is provided soley by Ane’s voice, soaring above the basic, almost tribal, drum beat. It merits listening to separately without watching the video to pick up on the nuances in her voice.

Woodkid – Iron

My second choice for when a music video becomes art is a powerful creation by Woodkid. I have talked before in my blog of my admiration for Woodkid. I first came across his work when I got hold of his album The Golden Age. But the story running through the album, and the accompanying music videos are just stunning. So many scenes from each video that, on their own, as a still, are a work of art!

I selected Iron to include here as the original song had an impact on me before I saw the video. And I sat with a slack jaw, watching the video unfold and the incredible visuals. This stunning film is in black and white, using slow motion to incredible effect. The use of light and shade, the little touches (such as when a booted foot hits the ground and dust rises) all make this something you can’t take your eyes off. And of course Woodkid’s evocative vocals

As well as being a singer/songwriter, Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine) is a music video director and graphic designer. And it shows! Take a look at this masterpiece.

I hope you will agree these are two great examples of when a music video becomes art. I think in both cases the lack of glitz and glamor and the earthy quality of the video productions enhance the songs. They manage to touch us on a number of levels other than just sound. Which is what art is all about.

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