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Buy home decor and gifts featuring my artwork. Visit my art website to keep up to date with my art work and see the various outlets where you can purchase my work:
I am a fine art photographer, photo art specialist, acrylic artist and visual storyteller. My aim is to create art that you will enjoy having in your home as fine art prints or on interior decor products. And to have fun while I am creating them! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I use my own art to illustrate my posts.

buy home decor and gifts

Art subjects vary from travel images to cat and dog portraits. Central Italy, London, the South East of England, Copenhagen, Marrakesh in Morocco and Madeira in Portugal all feature. I love creating digital abstracts and with the color ranges I use there is something for everyone – at my Pictorem store you can choose your wall art according to your room color and there is a search function to help you find a particular subject.  I have some beautiful floral works available as well as classic cars, motorcycles and Samurai armor. As you can see I have quite an eclectic collection that is worth browsing through.

buy home decor and gifts
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Where You Can Buy Home Decor And Gifts

I use three main stores where you can buy my art:


Contrado is the newest addition to my storefronts and the inventory is gradually building. The focus here is on my beautiful acrylic paintings and digital abstracts which are now available on soft furnishings, furniture, home decor and personal accessories, clothing, jewelry and more. All made in the UK and shipped worldwide. Shipping costs will vary according to the country.


Pictorem offers a range of fine art prints of my art images in various formats. Producing high quality prints, they offer some unusual formats including split prints. They also offer my work as jigsaw puzzles where appropriate. It is free shipping within North America, but you can also choose an express delivery option, depending upon your canvas size. Shipping options are available when placing the order. Pictorem does ship internationally but only products supplied in a tube (canvas and poster prints supplied in rolls). Shipping costs will vary depending on the country.


RedBubble has a large range of products available from world-wide printers.  As well as a range of wall art and home decor items such as throw pillows/scatter cushions, there are some wonderful products that make great gift ideas. Magnets, stickers, phone cases, scarves, aprons, clocks and much more. There is something for all tastes and budgets.

buy home decor and gifts
Examples of My Art

Other Outlets

There are also a few other outlets where you can buy home decor and gifts.

Art of Where is a Canadian company that offers my ‘colour harmony’ collection sale in the USA and Canada. The focus here is on high quality accessories such as beanies, clothing, bags and notebooks.

FineArtAmerica offers prints on a small number of my images. Some are also available as jigsaw puzzles.


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Visit my art website to keep up to date with my art work and see the various outlets where you can purchase my work:

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