An abstract painting featuring purple, pink, magenta, blue and turquoise. A busy colourful background sits behind streaks of pink paint that come down the canvas vertically where they meet horizontal streaks of turquoise that cover the bottom third of the canvas.

The Dream Forest

18th January 2023 Dorothy Berry-Lound 0

A look at the story behind ‘The Dream Forest’, an experimental piece that taught me all sorts of lessons along the way. Read on to see how things didn’t quite […]

A painting in predominantly shades of brown and green. The shape of a man can be seen to the left, sitting, all in brown and to the right of him kneels the shape of angel depicted with white paint.

Ben’s Angel

12th January 2023 Dorothy Berry-Lound 11

Ben’s Angel is the title of a painting and poem I wrote about a friend of mine who was dying. I asked the question before in my blog, Might Angels […]