Bicycles As Art Objects

6th November 2017 Dorothy Berry-Lound 4

I can’t ride a bicycle. Hence my tongue in cheek participation in a recent Twitter trend #ThingsWeWillProbablyNeverHear. My contribution was: ‘Dorothy rode a bicycle’. I can’t ride them, but I […]

Memories of Samurai

Memories of Samurai

30th October 2017 Dorothy Berry-Lound 4

This blog introduces my new collection ‘Memories of Samurai’ and provides a brief history of the Samurai and their ethical code or bushido. Memories of Samurai Who were the Samurai? […]

Acrylic Pour and More

23rd October 2017 Dorothy Berry-Lound 2

I have been experimenting with a new (for me) painting technique called an acrylic pour. I mentioned it briefly in an earlier blog. This blog explores the outcome! Acrylic Pour […]