Bicycles As Art Objects

19th May 2022 Dorothy Berry-Lound 7

I can’t ride a bicycle. Hence my tongue in cheek participation in a Twitter trend a few years ago, #ThingsWeWillProbablyNeverHear. My contribution was: ‘Dorothy rode a bicycle’. I can’t ride […]

Memories of Samurai

17th May 2022 Dorothy Berry-Lound 5

This blog introduces my collection ‘Memories of Samurai’ and provides a brief history of the Samurai and their ethical code or bushido. Memories of Samurai Who were the Samurai? Samurai […]

special edition 2022 calendars

Mark Your Calendar

15th May 2022 Dorothy Berry-Lound 6

Mark your calendar! My blog looks at the history of the calendar and how calendars have changed over time. Mark Your Calendar What is a calendar? The word ‘calendar’ is […]