Fabulous Art And Inspiration From A February Virtual Art Walk

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Time for some fabulous art and inspiration from a February virtual art walk. I don’t know about you, but in Central Italy we are waking up to frosty mornings and wind chill that doesn’t encourage outdoor activities. Okay, so we have to walk the dogs, but you get the idea. But here is a great activity you can do from your armchair. Get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and browse the fabulous art and inspiration you will find in my virtual art walk. Let me introduce you to a group of art bloggers and their work.

Fabulous Art And Inspiration

There are six artists participating in our virtual art walk today. They include a group of traditional photographers and travel writers and me!

Sharon Popek Photography

A city skyline looking up a river towards a range of tall buildings with lots of glass architecture.

Writing under the name ‘Purple Rosemary’, Sharon focuses on travel and art photography. In her featured blog, she is looking at Chicago Images. I have never been to Chicago so I really enjoyed seeing the gorgeous photographs of the architecture (like the one above). You can read her blog here.

Steve Estvanik – Cascoly Images


A photograph of a head of a yellow dragon on a blue wall. The dragon is staring at the viewer with mouth open.

Steve’s blog focuses on history and travel reports illustrated with his photography. He has written all about dragons. I love dragons so this was a post I got fully into! There is a mass of information here about Chinese, South East Asian, Persian, Latin American dragons and much more, all illustrated with some great photos. You can read his blog here.

Jim Hughes Photography

A photograph of a head of a yellow dragon on a blue wall. The dragon is staring at the viewer with mouth open.

Jim has been involved in my last two art walks and he has come up with yet another great blog for inclusion this month. All about bricks! He includes several great photographs of bricks and talks a bit about their history. Interesting stuff that really appealled to me as a lover of architecture and detail! I love this black and white, full of history. You can read his blog here.

My Own Contribution This Month

A room with a white armchair and a coffee table and a beige floor, with a grey green wall. On the wall is a print of an image of a chinese girls playing a traditional wooden instrument, the image is in shades of pink and purple.
I hope you are enjoying the fabulous art and inspiration from this month’s virtual art walk? So far the focus has been on photography. So as a traditional artist and photo art specialist this is a good place for me to sit in our little tour. In my blog, I explore how you can add a touch of magic and luxury to your home decor by using the colour purple. Which just happens to be my favourite colour! You can read my blog here.

Steve Heap – Backyard Image

An image of the front of Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University at dusk with low light and street lights. In the foreground is a mountaineer statue.

Steve is also a veteran of the virtual art walk, and his blog for this month looks back at his art sales in January 2023. The images are gorgeous and the sales are no surprise. My personal favourite is the setting sun behind the New River Gorge Bridge. See what you think. You can read his blog here.

K M Gunn Art

A water colour painting of a red rose and part of the stem.Katrina has participated in the previous art walks. She offers free line drawings to her subscribers and in her blog she looks at how she uses those line drawings to create beautiful paintings of a red rose. I enjoyed the step by step explanation. You can read her blog here.

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual art walk and looking at the great work by my fellow artist bloggers.

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