How Can I Add Magic And Luxury To My Home Decor?

A room with a white armchair and a coffee table and a beige floor, with a grey green wall. On the wall is a print of an image of a chinese girls playing a traditional wooden instrument, the image is in shades of pink and purple.
Chinese Musical Interlude - pale purple and pink shades on a dark wall

In this blog I will answer the question ‘how can I add magic and luxury to my home decor?’. I will look at how you can add decor items to your home featuring the colour purple, which is a great way of adding a touch of oppulence. Let me confess to being a purple addict! But it has to be used in the right way to really have an impact as it is easy to overdo the use of the colour. A hint of purple goes a long way as you can see in the image below.

A glimpse down an Italian alleyway with a flagstone floor and the side of a stone built building. There is a window with a metal window grill. Hanging on the wall are various plant pots with green plants. On the flagstones there are more terracotta pots with flowering plants, but there is also a purple bicycle with a lavender basket on the handle and a purple lantern.
Purple Bicycle Cortona – a hint of purple

How Can I Add Magic And Luxury To My Home Decor?

Regardless of our colour scheme and current state of decor, sometimes a pop of colour will just add something extra. The colour purple is a great way of doing that. Let’s start by looking at the meaning of the colour. Did you know colours have meanings in love, psychology and spirituality?

The Meaning Of Purple

An office with a dark wall featuring a portrait of a black and white dog against a purple background.
Purple Posing Puppy – purple wall accent for dog lover

Royalty And Luxury

Purple has a rich cultural and spiritual history. But the meaning of the colour and its properties have evolved over time. In Western cultures, purple is often associated with royalty, power, luxury, and sophistication. This is mainly because it could only be created using a very expensive dye, so if you wore purple you were considered a person of status. The colour also developed a mystique in Imperial Rome when when it was a colour only to be worn by Emperors. You can read more about why purple is considered the color of royalty here.

Traits Associated With Purple

In many spiritual traditions, purple is seen as a color of transformation, spiritual awareness, and intuition. It is the colour of the seventh chakra, or energy centre, in the body. You can read more about chakras here.

In psychology, the color purple is often associated with creativity, wisdom, and inspiration. Some studies suggest that the color can evoke feelings of calmness and peace, while others associate it with sensuality and mystery. It is often used to portray magic!

A room dividing wall, in the background you can see into the space beyond with tall plants. In front of the dividing wall is a table and abvoe is a very striking image depicting a grassy bank with yellow wild flowers and some beautiful purple iris contrasting against the wildflowers and the glow of the grass in the sunshine.
Moody Purple Iris – wall accent with purple in nature

Purple as a color has few negative aspects, but much depends on experience and context. In some cultures, purple is associated with mourning or sadness. You can read more about the history and meaning of purple here.

How To Use Purple In Your Home

Balance Is Key

As always, when decorating your home it is all about finding the right balance. Purple is such a strong colour, it needs to be used in moderation. I think the best use of purple is as accent colours within your overall colour scheme. Purple also comes in many different shades that can compliment your personality and home.

If you mix purple with neutral colours like beige, gray or white it can look quite sophisticated and calming. But try it with some metallic colours such as gold, silver and copper if you want to add a touch of elegance. Purple also works beautifully with some colours such as yellow, as you can see from the image below.

A neutral sofa with a brightly coloured throw pillow featuring rich shades of purple and yellow.
Rise Up – a throw pillow with purple and yellow

Ideas for accent uses might be on throw pillows/scatter cushions, curtains, rugs, room screens, prints on the wall and other ornamental and decorative items. It will add a little pop of colour without being too overwhelming.

Best Rooms In The House For Purple


A beautiful bedroom setting with a log burner, a window, plants and a bed with neutral colour pillows and bedding. On the wall behind the bed is a very striking painting featuring shades of purple with pink and hints of gold.
Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy in a bedroom setting

Purple can be dramatic or quiet depending upon the shade selected. As purple is known for having a calming, relaxing effect, it works really well in a bedroom. You want this room to be welcoming and relaxing. Various shades of purple would work well here, from dark but particularly pale and again accents have a role to play. The rule again is not to overdo the amount of purple used in the space as shown in the room setting above.


A bathroom with a dark wall and a white bath. On the wall is a beautiful painting with various shades of purple and magenta mingling and swirling almost fluid.
Serendipity – perfect purple shades for a bathroom

A bathroom can also take on that serene, tranquil feeling of a spa when decorated with shades of purple, particuarly the lighter shades. Of course as well as art on the wall, you can add bath mats, towels, candles and other accessories to create that mood.

Dark Or Light Shades?

Dark, rich purples are more dramatic and lend themselves to making a statement in a room. These add a touch of richness and luxury, a bit of drama if you like, particularily in a room with plain decor.

Or you can be more subtle, and use paler shades as in the image below. It is all down to personal taste. Just think to yourself, how can I add magic and luxury to my home decor using purple?

A room with a white armchair and a coffee table and a beige floor, with a grey green wall. On the wall is a print of an image of a chinese girls playing a traditional wooden instrument, the image is in shades of pink and purple.
Chinese Musical Interlude – pale purple and pink shades on a dark wall

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  1. I’m fascinated by colours and this is a beautiful article about purple. It’s one of those amazing colours that have a fascinating effect on our moods. I read a lot about its origin and how it was discovered some 3000 years ago by the Phoenician trading city of Tyre (a city in Lebanon now), hence the original name, Tyrian purple. I touched on the colour purple in some of my blogs explaining colours in abstract art. Thank you for sharing the information.

  2. Very interesting and unusual article. I hadn’t thought much about the uses of the color purple and its history and hidden meanings. Nicely illustrated. I did like the image of the purple bicycle in the old street. I found the images to be a little small – although I can see the usefulness of that if someone clicks to make it larger!

  3. I am glad you found the article interesting Steve. The smaller images means the blog takes less time to download which gives a faster response time for the reader. They are also a perfect size for a mobile device which most people use to read the blog. As you say, they can click and see a larger image if they wish.

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