A painting in predominantly shades of brown and green. The shape of a man can be seen to the left, sitting, all in brown and to the right of him kneels the shape of angel depicted with white paint.

Ben’s Angel

12th January 2023 Dorothy Berry-Lound 11

Ben’s Angel is the title of a painting and poem I wrote about a friend of mine who was dying. I asked the question before in my blog, Might Angels […]

Cat Spirit Guide

Cat Spirit Guide

25th April 2022 Dorothy Berry-Lound 9

My blog looks at my photo art image ‘Cat Spirit Guide’. Cat Spirit Guide A picture posed for beautifully by Ms Stevie Mouse. I mentioned in an earlier blog that […]

An acrylic painting showing the suggested form of an angel with outstretched wings protecting a group of children from a bombardment of black debris coming from behind the angel. The angel is holding three children in its arms and other children are crowding around the angel with their arms outstretched, begging to be picked up. Some are climbing the angel's robe.

Protect The Children

27th September 2021 Dorothy Berry-Lound 10

‘Protect The Children’ is the title of one of my latest acrylic paintings. This is one of my spiritual and healing paintings, infused with an energy and message. In this […]