Time To Answer The Cat’s Questions

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It is time to answer the cat’s questions. Well cats’ questions actually in my case given I have 15 of them. All in honour of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day which is 22 January annually. This is a national day in the United States but Ms Stevie Mouse thinks it should be applied internationally, hence this blog post. I asked for volunteers to put a paw forward and ask a question. This is what I got.

Time To Answer The Cat’s Questions

Ms Stevie Mouse Has A Burning Question

It’s all too much for Stevie Mouse

Why do I have to sleep upstairs when the dogs go down and sleep in the bedroom with you and Daddy?

Gosh, that is a very good question Stevie, it isn’t because we don’t love you. It is because Daddy has problems with his lungs that are aggravated by cat fur so he can’t have cats sleep on the bed. The dogs sleep in dog beds on the floor. You know if you came down to the bedroom you would want to sleep under the quilt with us so that can’t happen. But I try and make up for it with a snuggle my side of the bed after Daddy gets up in the morning.

Stevie does not look convinced. You can see she is considering adding this to her ten laws to live by written by the cat.

Malteser Asks About His Asthma Inhaler

A brown and white tabby cat lays on someones legs asleep. Laying on denim jeans, his eyes are closed and he has one arm forwards with his paw grasping the lege.

Why do I have to have that horrible thing put on my face twice a day and have that stuff squirted into it? 

There is a simple answer to that, Malteser my lad. You have asthma. So the puffer helps keeps your lungs clear so you can go off on adventures in the garden.

You get the distinct impression that Malteser would gladly give up the puffer and just lay and sunbathe all day.

Treacle Asks About His Name

A greay tabby cat is laying on his back on the corner of a grey sofa. His back legs are up the arm of the sofa and his tail is stretched out on the seat. His front legs are also on the back of the sofa, looking suspiciously like the claws might be in the materia.
Treacle Has The Best Of Both Worlds

Why do you call me so many different names? I get confused sometimes!

Well, Treacle, or should I say Treac, Half Pint, Trotsky, Oik, Horror, etc? It depends on your behaviour really. While you are being cute and cuddly you are Treac. When you are trying to beat up Moonboots the name we use may not be so cute. And also when you try to urinate on the furniture. That is why it seemed fitting somehow that you grew a horn on your head. I could say more…

Treacle gets the message and exits the room rapidly.

Tippy And Rabby Have A Joint Question

A grey tabby cat and a white and gray tabby cat are sitting under some olive trees on the edge of a clearing. They are both looking at the viewer.
A furry bromance

Why do you call us the ‘bromance?’. 

Me (clearing throat and looking sheepish), well you boys are best buddies aren’t you. You are always together. Voice trails off a bit. It means you go well together (finishing on a stronger note LOL).

The boys seem happy and I breathe a sigh of relief at not having to go any further.

Half way through attempts to answer the cat’s questions and, honestly, Mummy is wishing she never started this…

Lucy Has An Important Question About Cream

A calico cat lays behind a green garden sculpture dog with wings. You can just see her head as she peeks behind the statue.
Lucy and Friend

I don’t understand why sometimes there is cream in the fridge and I can have it and other times there isn’t any? Why isn’t it in there all the time?

Well Lucy, the simple answer to that one is Mummy and Daddy don’t eat cream. We buy that specially for you when it is on offer. Because it is quite expensive and you only lick a couple of drops and leave it. So we keep it just for treats.

Scrappy Asks About Someone Who Is Missing

A light grey tabby cat looks straight at the viewer with ears pricked and whiskers clearly on view. Mainly just her head.

Scrappy is the mother of Treacle, Ella, Rabby, Sandy and Treacle.

Where is Ella? We haven’t seen her for more than two weeks and we are all worried. You keep saying something about her being in hospital but we don’t understand.

It is difficult to explain Scrappy, but she is fine. She had a large abscess on her back from a bite that led to a big infection. She had to have surgery and has been having treatment at the vet clinic. I have visited her every few days and she is fine. She is coming home tomorrow but will carry on convalescence in the room downstairs. You will be able to see her through the window and can sit on the window ledge and talk to her. I have created a seat on her side of the window so she can look out and see you.

Niblet Asks The Last Question

A small dark tabby cat with tiger stripes layes dozing in the garden.
Niblet Dozing

Where do kittens come from?

This is an echo of when Ella asked the same question of Scrappy. This is a tricky one to answer as Niblet and Monk are the last kittens to be born at the house three years ago and now everyone is spayed and neutered.

Well, Nibby, kittens are little bundles of fur blessings. If they are lucky, they are born into a loving home where their Mummy and Daddy have the money and time to look after them properly. We have been blessed with having lots of kittens come to live with us. And you guys have all had nothing but the best. But not every kitten is so lucky, some end up homeless and hungry. So it is important not to have too many kittens so there are enough homes for everyone. Pregnant pause (pardon the pun), grasping for the right way to go on to discuss how kittens are actually made. Not to mention the idea of spaying and neutering. Amazingly, Niblet seemed quite content with a response that didn’t answer her question and wandered off content. Phew! Dodged that one!

An answer that didn’t actually answer the question but sounded knowledgeable and satisfied the person asking the question. Perhaps Mummy should go into politics!

I hope you enjoyed my attempts to answer the cat’s question, plural. Check out my other cat stories in my blog.

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  1. Wow – really cute set of questions and responses. You, Dorothy, are quite creative when it comes to living with an array of cats. I had to laugh at the last one when you bordered on discussing the birds-and-the-bees with the kitties.

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