BIG … a poem

A face with eyes closed in meditation
Mind in Meditation

This is a poem I wrote many years ago entitled ‘BIG’. It has a spiritual element to it.

A face with eyes closed in meditation
Mind in Meditation


I am so BIG 

I can spread out over the mountain.

Feel the animals and plants

become one with them and feel my paws on the earth.


I am so BIG 

I can commune with the stars…

Swing on the moon…

Ride the energies in laughter.


I am so BIG

I can feel the joy in everything.

Dance to the rhythm of life

dance for the joy of movement

and uplifting of spirit.


I am so BIG

that my heart is an endless

source of compassion

and my love shines 

brighter than the sun.


But sometimes I am so small

you could hold me

in the palm of your hand

and your breath

could break me.

(c) Dorothy Berry-Lound

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A black and white photograph with a vintage effect of a man and woman, both smiling and both wearing glasses
Barnet Boy And Dorothy

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