Life Is… A Poem

my memories of 2021

A poem I wrote called ‘Life Is’, a celebration of the good things in life.

A cherub lays with head on hands, the words say Wings of ThoughtLife Is…

Life is in a butterfly’s wing.

Or a transparent cloud

that looks like an insect

or a mercurial being.

Or the petals of a flower

fluttering in the breeze.

In the antics of a kitten chasing a bug.

In the waggle of my dog’s tail

as she seeks shade from the sun.

In the cacophony of bird song overhead.

In the breeze that comes from nowhere

to bring relief from the sheltering sun.

In the music that makes my soul dance.

In the eyes of my love.

(c) Dorothy Berry-Lound

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A black and white photograph with a vintage effect of a man and woman, both smiling and both wearing glasses
Barnet Boy And Dorothy

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