Think Outside The Box When Buying Art Prints

A living room setting with a three canvas panel split print on the wall, featuring a relaxing abstract painting in shades of blue, green, white and gold.
Split canvas print - Effervescence

Do you think outside the box when buying art prints? Or do you still look for square or rectangular shape prints for your wall? There is nothing wrong with those of course. But let me give you some different ideas!

Think Outside The Box When Buying Art Prints

Art Doesn’t Have To Be On The Wall

The first thing to say is that art doesn’t have to be on the wall. I have lost track of how many people have said to me that they don’t have room on their walls for more artwork. But you can buy art on many home decor items these days and I think one of the most versatile is cushions/throw pillows. Indeed, you can match them with an art print on the wall if you wish. You can have a collection of cushions featuring artwork by your favourite artist or group of artists. Or you can buy different size and shaped cushions with the same design to make a striking display on your sofa or in the bedroom.

You can even become an art collector. One of my customers is gradually buying a range of cushions depicting some of my Moroccan photo art. Available from my RedBubble store.

A square throw pillow sits on a grey sofa. The sofa is brigh and colorful, featuring blue a blue and yellow building and in front of it various cacti in coloured pots.
Throw Pillow – Cubist Villa Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh

There are many other ways of supporting artists and buying their work of course. Phone cases, shower curtains, bedspreads and even pet bandanas can be purchased from stores like mine on RedBubble. Some artists also have specialist shops. In my case, my Contrado store, somewhere that just focuses on my abstract art work and presenting it on a number of home decor items including deckchairs, tablecloths, hot water bottle covers and more.

But let’s return to the central idea of how you can think outside the box when buying art prints.

Art Can Be Utilitarian And Attractive

A wall clock with black arms and numbers on the image of a grey tabby cat peeking through a gap in a door.
Artistic Wall Clock – Looking Through From The Other Side

What about wall art that is useful? Like a wall clock? I wrote in an earlier blog about a range of wall clocks I have available. Available in the USA and Canada, you can customize the clock shape, face and more to suit your needs.

An angled view of a wall clock with bamboo frame and white clock hands. The image is of an alleyway in Cortona, Tuscany, with a man walking a dog.
Wall clock – Walking The Dog In Cortona, Tuscany

I also have a range of clocks available from my RedBubble store (with international shipping).

Round Prints Anyone?

A round wall print featuring a colourful yet relaxing image of the face of a Buddha, with eyes closed.
Round wall print – Mind In Meditation

For something unusual, round art prints can make a real statement in your home or workplace. Available in different sizes to suit your space, these are available for delivery within Europe, in various sizes, from my shop at WerkAandeMuur.

Art For Your Conservatory And Outside Space

An outdoor seating area with a burgundy and brown sofa. On the wall, a large, bright and lively abstract painting featuring shades of green, gold, bronze and white.In an earlier blog, I talked about how you can add art prints to your outdoor space. At my storefront on the Dutch art site WerkAanDeMuur you can buy outdoor canvases for delivery within Europe. And they look great in a sheltered garden area or conservatory. Where might you hang one?

What About Breaking Things Down?

A living room with a brown sofa with throw pillows, a wooden coffee table in front, sitting on a blue floor. On the plain wall behind is a five panel split print featuring an image of cypress trees in Italy.
Five panel split print – Cypress Heaven

Thinking about formats for art prints, split prints (also known as multi panel canvas) are fun and work well with the right image. The image above shows one of my images (Cypress Heaven) displayed across five canvases. Here is another one featuring an abstract of mine called ‘Effervescence’.

A living room setting with a three canvas panel split print on the wall, featuring a relaxing abstract painting in shades of blue, green, white and gold.
Split canvas print – Effervescence

There are various format for split prints, delivery with the USA and Canada, that you can explore at my Pictorem store.

Art Can Be Fun

A jigsaw puzzle featuring an image of sunlit countryside with tall green grass, wild flowers and some beautiful purple iris in full bloom.
Jigsaw Puzzle – Moody Purple Iris

Finally, let’s talk about how art can be fun! Take jigsaw puzzles for example. You can buy a beautiful jigsaw puzzle featuring an art print, have the fun of putting it together then have it mounted and framed for your wall! A fun family activity (and a great gift idea). Read more about my jigsaw puzzles and where you can purchase them at my website.

I hope I have given you a few ideas on how you can think outside the box when buying art prints. There really is a large choice of formats available. If you are looking to buy an art print for your home or workplace, remember; the only thing holding you back is your imagination!

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