How To Buy Artistic Wall Clocks To Brighten Your Home

A round wall clock featuring word art created in a swirl with works that mean home such as warmth, laughter, etc.
Round Wall Clock - The Meaning of Home 2

One great home decor idea is to use artistic wall clocks to brighten your home. I don’t mean the mass produced clocks you can get in stores. I am talking about an innovative way of displaying the work of individual artists. Meaning that you have a clock that is also actually a unique art piece! I know that one thing that puts people off buying an art print is lack of wall space. Well, the joy of these clocks is that they will hang in any room, kitchen, children’s room, living room etc and be functional as well as beautiful.

A wall clock with black arms and numbers on the image of a grey tabby cat peeking through a gap in a door.
Artistic Wall Clock – Looking Through From The Other Side

Artistic Wall Clocks To Brighten Your Home

A round wall clock featuring word art created in a swirl with works that mean home such as warmth, laughter, etc.
Round Wall Clock – The Meaning of Home 2

If you live in the USA or Canada, my store on Pictorem is now offering my artwork as artistic wall clocks. They are beautifully made, high quality clocks and you get to customize them to your own needs. I set out below how you can go about selecting, tailoring and ordering your clock.

Select The Image You Would Like To See As A Clock

A square wall clock featuring a bright abstract featuring yellow, purple and red.
Square wall clock – Iridescence

First, take time to browse through my collections to find an image you would enjoy having on your wall as a clock. At my Pictorem store you will find various collections including animals, florals, abstracts, images of Italy and much more.

For the purposes of the illustration below I have selected my image ‘Merry Go Round Horses‘.

Customizing The Artistic Wall Clocks

Once you select the image you would like to use and click on the clock option, you can start customizing the clock to suit you. Scroll down the page and you will see this.

Once you hit the ‘Build yours’ button, this is the next screen that appears.

A print set up page showing an image of merry go round horses and how to adjust the image within a clock frame.
Print Set Up Page -Merry Go Round Horses

Adjusting The Image If Necessary

If the picture is larger than the size of the clock, not the case with all images, you will be given the option to move it within the clock frame to get the picture you are happy with. In the case of the example above, the main horse is obviously not in the right place so it needs to be adjusted by dragging to fit the clock face better. Having made your adjustments, if you are happy with what you see, you hit ‘Save’ button to go to the next step.

Choose Shape, Size And Clock Face

A screenshot of an order page featuring a clock with merry go round horses. The price is visible, a choice of sizes and clock faces as well as an order button.
Final Adjustments and Order Page – Merry Go Round Horses

As you can see, I have dragged the image down to fit the clock face. Now on this page you can choose a round or a square artistic wall clock. The picture will change with the selections you make so you can see what you have created. They are available in three sizes, 12″, 16″ and 24″ and there are a choice of 7 different clock faces you can apply – just play around until you find the one that works for the image and for you.

Purchase Your Artistic Wall Clock

If you are happy with what you see, hit the ORDER button to purchase your clock and enjoy free shipping in USA and Canada.

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