A Visit From Emmy On Halloween


In an earlier short story, I wrote about the Souls of Cats past that visit on Halloween. Well this year in real life we lost our Emmy, our little epileptic cat and Stevie Mouse’s best friend. Will Stevie get her wish and get a visit from Emmy on Halloween? Read on and find out.

A Visit From Emmy On Halloween

Spooky Cat Tales

It was getting close to midnight on Halloween. The outside cats had gathered, as they do every year, to tell each other scary stories. Shrieks of laughter could be heard as each one tried to outdo the other with their frightening tales.

Last year Stevie Mouse and Emmy had scared them all with a clever trick with a light shining under their faces while they looked out the window. This year, Stevie Mouse is sitting on the table by the window looking out at the cats having fun and feeling very lonely.

A Visit From Emmy

Dozing slightly, Stevie was staring in the direction of the moon when she saw a streak of light, a moonbeam, coming down from the sky. Almost at once she felt a presence next to her.

“Been waiting for you,” said Stevie. “I was hoping you would come.”

“I’m here Stevie,” said the little ghostly calico cat sitting next to her. Emmy leaned over and licked Stevie’s face gently.

Stevie and Emmy – Feline Sisters

“I miss you Em,” said Stevie with a catch in her voice. “I have been so worried you were not being looked after properly wherever you are. Does someone take care of you like I used to?”

Because of Emmy’s epilepsy, Stevie used to look after her. After a seizure, Stevie would clean Emmy and make sure she was okay.

Giacomo Looks After Emmy

Emmy looked at her dear friend and said, “It’s okay Stevie, I am not sick anymore. I don’t have those funny turns and my body doesn’t hurt anymore. I don’t need someone to look after me now. And anyway, who could look after me like you used to? I do have a special friend. His name is Giacomo and he is Malteser and Lucy’s brother. He died before you and I were born. He is family!”


“I am so glad Emmy,” said Stevie smiling, “I will tell them both.”

Fond Memories

“How’s the boy shaping up?” asked Emmy giggling.

Stevie started giggling and said, “Treacle shows promise Emmy, you were right, he is a good boy underneath that rough exterior.”

The two cats sat together, just touching each other, in companionable silence. Remembering the past and just loving each other.

Eventually Emmy stirred. “It is nearly time for me to leave Stevie.”

“I know,” said Stevie. But you will come back next year?”

“Not just next year,” Emmy said, “I pop in and check up on you regularly, hadn’t you noticed?”

“I have sat and thought you were here a few times,” said Stevie, “and I know Mummy sees you sometimes too.”

You Are Never Alone Stevie

“You are never alone Stevie, someone is always watching over you, I promise!” said Emmy. “Now curl up and go to sleep it is getting late.”


Stevie obediently curled up and closed her eyes. Emmy licked Stevie’s face until she was fast asleep. Giving a last look at her best friend, Emmy had one more thing to do before she left.

Mummy And Daddy Get A Visit From Emmy

Emmy floated down to the bedroom below. Unknown to Mummy and Daddy there had been a crowd of animal souls in and out of their bedroom for a while. Giacomo was waiting at the door for Emmy. Looking into the room Emmy can see her dog brothers, Ringo and Spud, are fast asleep in their beds and Mummy and Daddy asleep in theirs. A dog, a little tan colored chihuahua, was curled up between Mummy’s shoulder blades.

My Angel Waits For Me

“She is always first to arrive and last to leave,” said Giacomo. “Her name is Holly and she and Mummy have a special bond.” “You had better go in Em, time is short.”

Emmy went straight to Daddy and snuggled into him like she never could in life owing to her illness. “Thank you for being my Daddy and looking after me,” she said, “I love you.”

Then Emmy turned to Mummy. She put her face really close and whispered in Mummy’s ear, “It’s okay, you did your best. You made the right choice. I love you.” A quick snuggle with Mummy and it was time to leave. A quick kiss for Ringo and Spud and Emmy went back to Giacomo.

Time To Leave

The two cat souls began to disappear together, joined by the chihuahua Holly. As they left, a promise for the future was made to meet with Mummy and Daddy again. When it was time.

Upstairs, Stevie Mouse stirred slightly and then went back to a deep comforting sleep.

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