Animal Communication Imagined

Animal Communication
Just Let Me Sleep

Animal communication? I have two dogs and 16 cats and I can assure you they communicate with each other – but what are they saying? In my short stories about my cats I imagine animal communication. Check out the first one I wrote called ‘Three Lost Kittens‘.

I was reminded of this when finding one of my cats Treacle standing staring at his empty food bowl. The continued stare in disbelief at the bowl said it all. But, after I had filled the bowl, I distinctly heard him say ‘that’s it, I am writing a bad review on trip advisor’. I think he thinks this cat hotel could improve!

Animal Communication Imagined

Animal Communication
Black Cat Stand Off

Animal communication is on several levels. At it’s most basic body language speaks volumes.

In this image ‘Black Cat Stand Off’ we don’t need to be told what they are doing or thinking. The two black cats are squaring off ready for a fight.

You can almost imagine the yowling accompanying this picture.

But sometimes it is fun to imagine what the animals are saying to each other.

Watching The World Go By

Animal Communication
Even Kittens Gossip

How many times have you sat in the window of a cafe or bar, or maybe at an outside table, and enjoyed watching the people go by? Perhaps commenting on an outfit or the height of a pair of shoes.

This image ‘Even Kittens Gossip’ made me think of that. The two young kittens look just like they are looking out at what is going on and making comments to each other.

It is a fun thought isn’t it?

Just Let Me Sleep

Animal Communication
Just Let Me Sleep

With this image, I think Stevie Mouse is clearly communicating that she is fed up with being photographed and just wants to be left alone.

The clue is the half open eye. I could imagine her muttering under her breath ‘just let me sleep!’.

There is a Whole World Out There

Animal Communication
There is a Whole World Out There

This image is of my two house cats Stevie Mouse and Emmy. They sit staring up a the window of the living room. They actually sat like it for ages and I began to imagine a conversation between them. It starts with Stevie Mouse saying ‘there is a whole world out there Emmy’. Given they are house cats because of illness and will never be able to go outside, and Emmy is no longer with us, it has a certain pathos.

Anthropomorphizing? Oh yeah. Fun? Definitely.

Hey Bro We Might Not Be Alone

Animal Communication
Hey Bro We May Not Be Alone

This is one of my favorite fun cat images.

It shows the Tweedle twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee in a large flower pot enjoying the sunshine. But there is a third pair of ears just visible.

I image Tweedledee turning to her brother and saying ‘Hey Bro we might not be alone’.

Can I Help You?

Animal Communication
Yes Can I Help You?

The last image for today is another one of my favorite fun creations where the kitten did all the work for me.

In ‘Can I Help You?’ we see a young kitten who has completely squashed the plants in my plant pot (ignoring the support canes). Hearing my squeals about the plants being ruined he rolls over, looking gorgeous, and looks straight at me. As clear as day I hear him say ‘Can I help you?’.

But then I ask you to consider, dear reader, I am nuts.

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This post was originally published in 2017 and updated and republished on 23 May 2022.

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