Cat Attitude First Thing In The Morning

The Cat Attitude Look

Cat attitude – that’s all you need first thing in the morning when all you want is coffee. But I think Stevie Mouse made some good points.

Cat Attitude

The Back Terrace

I came through the door to ‘cat attitude’ this morning. Stevie Mouse wanted to go on the back terrace. “No, Stevie, it is cold this morning with a strong wind (17C) and there are no cushions and no cover on the pergola because of the storm”.

The horrible sound of cat pulling at wire with claws.

“Stevie Mouse,” says BB in a threatening voice. “At least it is wearing down her claws,” says I.

Kitty Grass

I went out to see her. Stevie jumped up to where her grass should be and very pointedly stared at the pot containing a few straggly ends of grass. “Nothing is growing at the moment Stevie, Mummy will find you some grass and bring it in next time she goes out.” (thinking, all I want is a coffee)

The Cat Attitude Look

Food Bowl

I went to make my breakfast and Stevie shot in front of me and by the time I got in the kitchen she was up on the window ledge at her food bowl. She stamped her foot for attention and I looked. The bowl was empty.

The tragic look on Stevie’s face had to be seen to be believed.I rushed to get food for the bowl, apologizing profusely, beginning to think that actually as cat parents this is not a good start to the day. One thing we can’t fix and two epic fails and it wasn’t 9am.

I filled her bowl and waited for her to eat. She jumped straight down and went into another room with a flick of the tail that said, “I didn’t want to eat it I just wanted to point out there was nothing if I needed a snack”. Groan.

I have now got my coffee but she is running around the house like a maniac wailing. Cat attitude first thing, though I think she made some good points, don’t you?

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