Cetona Tuscany

Outskirts of Cetona

Cetona is a medieval hill town in Tuscany, Italy.

Cetona, Tuscany

Flower Market

Annual Flower Market Cetona

My first introduction to Cetona Tuscany, Italy, was many years ago. I was taken by a friend to the annual April Flower Market known as Cetona in Fiore (Cetona in Bloom). The market is held in the 16th century main square of the town. The square is very picturesque (I put an image of it in my last blog) and has many bars and restaurants as well as interesting shops. Since then I have been back to Cetona many times, not least as I have a very good friend who lives there.

Tuscan Hills

Views from Cetona

Recently I have been working on a number of views from Cetona and they are now in my new Images of Tuscany collection in my online gallery. This includes a series of landscapes including this one ‘Tuscan Hills’. This image depicts a farmhouse nestling on the hillside with an access road lined with iconic cypress trees.

Outskirts of Cetona

There are some fabulous views from Cetona looking down the valley. Cetona is a medieval hill town in the southern part of the Province of Siena. Even the newer suburbs of the old town are picturesque. As you can see the houses are not far from open countryside and those Tuscan hills.

History of Cetona

But the history of Cetona, and Monte Cetona upon which it is founded is fascinating. Some of the oldest human settlements of central Italy have been discovered there. Cetona is built around a central Rocca or fortress which goes back to 900 AD. The town has gradually developed over the years under different ruling regions, Siena then Orvieto and then back to Siena again. The name Cetona (Citonia is sometimes used locally) comes from the Latin word for deforestation and cultivation.

Colourful Steps Cetona Tuscany

Cetona is a Photographer’s Dream

The town itself is a gem, everywhere you turn is a picturesque view or piece of architecture. It is a photographer’s dream. Though the old narrow passageways of the old town are a challenge for lighting and getting just the right angle.

Narrow Street in Cetona Tuscany

This black and white image is typical of the sort of view you have when walking in the old streets. By putting it into black and white I have tried to get across the wonderful contrasts of the textures of the stone, bricks and flagstones. A colour version is also available.

So all in all I would recommend Cetona as a place to visit. Take some time wandering around the back streets, taking in the views and wonderful historic buildings – and then perhaps stop in that wonderful square for a glass of something cool to recover from all that walking.

The Watchful Companion

I leave you with a photo portrait of Spud who at eight months is starting to show the dog he is going to become.

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