Panicale Umbria Italy

Panicale Town Walls

Continuing with my series of reports and images from local towns and villages here in Italy, today I am going to introduce you to Panicale in Umbria.

Panicale – A Popular Tourist Destination

Panicale The Comune

View to Snowcapped Mountains from Panicale

Panicale is a Comune, which means a municipality or local authority area. It has ten frazione or subdivisions including Tavernelle which I introduced in a previous blog. The Comune covers over 5,500 people. But the subject of my blog is Panicale the medieval hill top town which has a population of about 500.

The Town of Panicale

Panicale Town Walls

Habitation of the area now known as Panicale is said to go back as far as 2000 BC and historical residents of the area include the Etruscans and the Romans. You can read more of the detailed history here. It is a beautiful, walled, hill town that is a popular tourist destination during the year. It is rated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (uno dei borghi piu belli d’Italia) and walking around the characterful and picturesque streets you can see why.


To walk around Panicale is to see one breathtaking piece of architecture after another. The beautifully preserved walls and two entrance gates enclose a number of narrow streets at different levels. Various archways connect the streets and alleyways within the town. Panicale has a wonderful charm and welcoming atmosphere. I made this video of a selection of my images of Panicale which will give you an idea of the beauty of the place.

Entertainment in Panicale

Waiting for Wine

As well as beautiful churches and special exhibitions, Panicale boasts some great bars and restaurants. During the course of the year, the town and surrounding area also has a range of festas and events that take place. These include the Festa dell’Uva (grape festival) which takes place in September each year and La Festa della Castagna (Chestnut Festival) in October. Panicale also participates in regional music events such as Umbria Jazz and Trasimeno Blues.

Teatro Caporali Panicale

One of the biggest draws, however, are the events that take place at the Teatro Cesare Caporali. This is a small, beautifully restored theatre that has an interesting history, dating back to 1690. Many local theatre groups and traveling groups perform there.  and it is a great evening out. As can be seen from my image, the entrance is unprepossessing, but when you enter the theatre itself it is magical, like going back in time. It boasts three circles with seats in individual booths. A must see if you are in the area! Start with a pre-performance drink at one of the bars in the main square and then drift with the crowds under archways to the theatre. Then, after the show, return to the main piazza and enjoy a drink under the stars. Magic!

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