Treacle Can Be Brave After All

Lucy and Malteser

A cat short story, showing that Treacle can be brave after all.

Treacle Can Be Brave After All

The Innocent Walk

Treacle can be brave after all

On a warm, early spring morning little Niblet was wandering chasing flying critters and sniffing at flowers. She wandered around enjoying the warm sun and all the sounds of the birds flying around her. Occasionally an early bumble bee drifted past on the search for nectar. She lay down for a while in a sheltered spot in the sunshine and had a doze. Niblet is tiny, she was a very small kitten and stopped growing when she was about six months old. She looks a lot younger than she is.

After a while Niblet awoke and found she was in the shade, and she shivered. “Time to go home for a snack,” she thought. Looking around, she was surprised to see how far she had walked, but she knew where she was thanks to Uncle Tippy teaching her all the landmarks. Happily, she headed off in the direction of the house.

Suddenly she was stopped in her tracks.

The Big Bad Tom Cat

“Well hello,” said a voice. “What are you doing out here on your own little girl?”

Startled, Niblet looked around and just above her on the track was a large ginger tom cat. He was obviously a fighter, one eye half shut, a crumpled ear, scars on his nose.

“I was bored, and look what came along for me to play with,” he said.

Niblet realised she was in big trouble. The tom cat was three times her size.

Treacle To The Rescue

Treacle can be brave after all
Treacle – The Interrupted Wash

Suddenly there was a streak of gray, and Treacle stood in front of Niblet, facing the tom cat.

“Even better, the scaredy cat, it must be my lucky day,” said the tom cat.

Treacle walked backwards and pushed Niblet under a tree and told her to hide behind it. “It will be all right Nibs,” he whispered, without looking at her. Niblet went behind the tree and peeked out, her little eyes wide with fear.

“Sir, it is a nice day, we are all enjoying the sunshine. Let us go on our way,” said Treacle.

The tom cat laughed. “I don’t think so. You are on the edge of my territory so you are fair game”.

The tom cat readied himself to launch at Treacle, all fluffed up, head down. Treacle also adopted a fighting posture, ready to do his best.


Treacle can be brave after all

All of a sudden, from behind the tom cat, one word split the air.

“Stop,” said a calm, clear voice.

It took both the tom cat and Treacle by surprise.

The tom cat sprang to one side, keeping Treacle in sight but looking at the newcomer. There, sitting calmly washing a paw, was Malteser.

“Uncle Malt!” exclaimed Niblet.

“Oh boy, the one with asthma and kidney failure. What have you got granddad, not much I’ll bet?” mocked the tom cat laughing.

In a flash, Malteser launched himself down the hill, hitting the tom cat at full speed, the force causing the tom to roll over a couple of times. Malteser kept going and hit the tom cat really hard. The tom cat immediately lay on his side in submission and then ran for all he was worth up the hill. Malteser chased him a few paces just to make sure.

The Lesson

Malteser walked casually down to where Treacle was standing as Niblet came running out to meet him.

The first thing Malt did was smack Treacle hard on the head.

“Ow, what was that for?” asked Treacle ruefully.

“That was for standing below the tom cat on a slope. Never take on an enemy from below them, always come from above. Your body weight then gives you the advantage. And remember, all that bluster came to nothing. Sometimes those with the biggest mouths haven’t got anything to back it up,” said Malt.

Then Malt leaned in and licked Treacle on the face and nuzzled him.

“There is hope for you yet, it was very brave of you to protect Niblet. I am proud of you,” he said. Treacle grew several inches in height at being praised by his hero!

“Treacle you were so brave, I was so scared and there was no-one, I was on my own and he was so big and, and … oh Uncle Malt I love you,” gushed Niblet, relief giving way to a torrent of words.

“Come on guys, there’s Lucy in the distance, let’s go join her in the sunshine,” said Malt. The cats set off towards Lucy, amiable companions who had learnt a valuable lesson. Including that Treacle can be brave after all.

Treacle can be brave after all
Lucy and Malteser

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