Art and Story Telling

Website HeaderI am a fine art photographer, visual storyteller and painter. I specialise in photo-manipulation which is also known as photo-painting or photo art. I use my own photographs and then work on them digitally to develop the story of the images further using the application of colour and textures.

Fine Art Photography

Over The Bridge To ArundelMy art covers a range of subjects, reflecting my Brighton background, my life in Italy, the countryside and my love for animals. But I work from the heart so all pieces are developed with a little piece of me and contribute to the mood of the room in which they sit.

Over the years I have won several awards including Best Photopainter 2015 by CQ Magazine.

My designs are available as fine art prints in a range of sizes and formats, and a selection are available as gifts, jigsaw puzzles, clothing, home d├ęcor items, greeting cards and more.

Links to where you can view my main online shops where you can purchase my artwork can be found on my art website.

Visual Story Telling

The pieces I create tend to have a story, a message I am trying to get across or imagery to make you stop and think. Promoting the use of art for healing is aan important focus for one aspect of my artwork and I have written guest blogs about the effect of colour and how it can be used in art.

I have also developed a range of healing art and colour harmony images.

The following video gives you an introduction to some of my healing art work.


I have made my original paintings available to purchase as fine art prints. Find out more at my art website. This video gives you an overview of my work.

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