Awaiting The Return of Resident Roe Deer

A Roe Deer doe looks straight at the viewer
Portrait of Roe Deer Doe
We are still awaiting the return of our resident deer. At the time of writing it is early March. They disappear up the mountain for the winter so they should be in our area soon.

Awaiting The Return Of Resident Roe Deer

Resident Roe Deer

a mosaic style image showing the head and front legs of a deer
Deer in Abstract

We have a Roe Deer doe who has had her babies on land near us for several years now. We see them daily, not just in the evening but sometimes during the day time.

Caught On Camera

It was a few years ago that we started to see the deer regularly on my night camera, as described in an earlier blog. We were overjoyed to see a doe with her babies under our apple tree in the dawn light. For the last two summers we have been lucky enough to see the doe with her newborns and watched as they learned to walk and their coats gradually changed from spotted white to match the colour of their mother.
Two fawns are caught in dawn light
Impressions of Early Morning Deer

Anxious Moments

They have also given us some anxious moments as we have worried about the little ones being left on their own when there are so many predators. We saw a dog chasing the fawns last year and then the mother raced over the hill to the rescue and drew the dog away. Unfortunately only one of the two fawns survived, we think one must have died of shock as we didn’t see the dog actually catch them. I have never screamed so loud in my life but it was too far away for us to be able to intervene. There were a lot of tears I have to tell you! The year before our doe had two fawns that survived, a boy and a girl.
A Roe Deer doe and two fawns
Roe Deer Doe And Two Fawns

In the last few weeks, we have heard deer barking so we are hopeful the doe survived the hunting season and will be back on her territory. Time to put out the night cameras again methinks!

Update: 10 days after posting this blog we saw the Doe and her ‘baby’ who now looks very grown up!

Information About Roe Deer

The doe is a roe deer (‘capriolo’ in Italian), a beautiful creature as you can see from the pictures. These deer are a gorgeous shade of reddish brown in the summer, turning dark grey in the winter.
I don’t know if you know that the rutting season (mating) lasts for six weeks until the end of August. Then there is a miracle of nature! The new embryo lays essentially dormant for five months can you believe? Then the pregnancy carries on and the babies are born around May time.
A Roe Deer doe looks straight at the viewer
Portrait of Roe Deer Doe

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A black and white photograph with a vintage effect of a man and woman, both smiling and both wearing glasses
Barnet Boy And Dorothy

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