Beach House Decor

Beach House Decor
A Study in Patterns 2

According to Country Living, beach house decor is all about crisp white, splashes of bold colour and sea-themed accents. My blog looks at some of my recent artwork that just might fit the bill.

Beach House Decor

What is a Beach House?

Beach House Decor
Portrait of a Deck Chair

Not such a silly question if you don’t live in a coastal area. A beach house is accommodation built on or near a beach. Where they are on the beach or close to the sea they are often built as raised houses to allow for any tidal flooding.

Often the beach house is a second or vacation home. Some people commute and stay at the beach house for weekends, some visit just for holidays, some stay for the whole summer and live elsewhere in the winter.

What they all need is decoration and that includes splashes of bold colour. And interior design trends for 2017 also suggests the trend is to go bold!

Splashes of Bold Colour

Our Canvas

Let’s imagine a beautiful beach house with light coloured furniture and white walls. The large patio doors are open and there is a light breeze and you can hear the sound of the waves. Now let’s put something on those white walls!

Beach House Decor
A Study in Patterns

Some of my new images certainly fit the criteria for splashes of colour.

A Study in Patterns

I have created two images that are what I have called ‘A Study in Patterns‘ and they would look fabulous on a white wall in a beach house. In both cases, the focus is on the colours and patterns in the image rather than the content. The first image shows a small part of a stripey deck chair with a bright, rainbow coloured round throw pillow/scatter cushion on it. In theory the stripes and colours should clash; reality they make a glorious combination that feeds the eyes.

Beach House Decor
A Study in Patterns 2

The second image ‘A Study in Patterns 2‘ follows the pattern theme and shows part of a pile of brightly coloured, striped chair seat cushions. The horizontal and vertical stripes interspersed with bright colours make a real statement.

These two images work well together or perhaps on facing walls.

Sea Themed Accents

Beach House Decor
A Day At The Sea

The final element for our beach house decor is sea themed accents. This might include some nautical or fish themed throw pillows/scatter cushions, some polished drift wood or pretty shell arrangement.

This could also include wall art and I think this image ‘A Day At the Sea‘ fits the bill nicely. Here we have soft muted colours (also on trend) with a scene depicting a seagull sitting on a railing with the ocean behind and a sail boat.

Beach House Decor
Boat Dock pilings

For a more traditional look, this piece might be a better match, ‘Boat Dock Pilings‘.  Here we actually have an Italian lake scene but with a very nautical theme that will appeal to boat owners. Old weathered, wooden boat piles with metal chains waiting for boats to be moored at the dock.

All images used in today’s blog are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and formats from my online gallery. Just click on any image to be taken to the purchase page. In keeping with the beach house decor theme, I can also make them available as throw pillows/scatter cushions and as beach towels – just get in touch and I will make it happen for you.

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