June 3rd Is World Bicycle Day

Decorative Bicycle in Cortona

June 3rd is World Bicycle Day and as I have confessed in an earlier blog about bicycles, I have never ridden one in my life!

World Bicycle Day

A bicycle ride in an Italian Town
A Pause in the Shade

What is it?

Two years ago, in April 2018, June 3rd became International World Bicycle Day. Declared to be so by the United Nations General Assembly, the intention was to recognize the bicycle as an environmentally sound and healthy option for transport.

Covid-19 And A Renewed Love Of The Bicycle in Italy

The emergence of Covid-19 has encouraged a resurgence in the use of bicycles. Here in Italy, major towns and cities like Milan have introduced new bicycle lanes to encourage people to ride them to work. In particular, Coronavirus-hit Lombardy intends to turn over 35km of streets to bicycles and pedestrians. As reported in The Guardian, traffic congestion has fallen and with it air pollution as a result of the lock down. The hope is that there will not be a return to the heavy reliance on cars as a means of transport. Work has already begun on new cycle lanes and extended pavements.

Also in Italy, residents who buy a new bicycle can get up to 500 euros from the Italian government as part of a 55-billion-euro stimulus package for Italy’s virus-stricken economy.

How will World Bicycle Day be celebrated in 2020?

Virtual Bike Rides

There will be a number of digital activities to celebrate the day, including virtual bike rides. The Unione Cycliste Internationale (UCI), in collaboration with Zwift, is organising four virtual rides led by one of cycling’s current stars. You can find out more here.

Cycling Acts of Kindness

World Bicycle Relief, provides bicycles to those in need. To coincide with World Bicycle Day, they are promoting #CyclingActsOfKindness. The idea is to ‘hop on your bike and perform an act of kindness’, that you then share on Social Media and encourage others to join in.

Will I be riding a bicycle today?

Decorative Bicycle in Cortona

I think my husband, Barnet Boy would pay to see it. No, for the simple reason that I have never been able to ride a bicycle as I have very little sense of balance! These days if I fell off I could myself a serious injury. Barnet Boy, did offer to get me a bike with training wheels but I think it could prove difficult to use on our unmade up roads. So I will leave it to the able bodied to get out there and do their stuff!

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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