The Story Behind Barnie Paw Print Designs

Paw Print Celebrations

I often get asked what is the story behind Barnie Paw Print Designs? Well, to be honest it started in the daftest way imaginable!

Paw Prints Next Generation 10

What is the Story Behind Barnie Paw Print Designs?

Barnet Boy and I got a puppy that we called Barnie and to say he was a bit of a handful would be an understatement. One day we had some work done on the outside of the house, a new down pipe from the gutter that had to be cemented into the path below. Our plumber very carefully finished his work on the new drain and the concrete looked pristine. He put up some wooden boards to protect it from animals but of course this mad dog ran around like a lunatic straight through the boards and left his paw prints firmly in this lovely concrete! We decided to leave the paw prints as a memento (not quite the Hollywood Walk of Fame with all the famous hand prints but you get the idea).

The Story Behind Barnie Paw Prints
What Dog?

The Birth Of Barnie Paw Print Designs

As I do, I took a photograph of these paw prints and started mucking about with them. So the first thing I did was to add some slogans to the photograph. This was the first one ‘What Dog?’. Then the next one said ‘Ba Woz Ere’.

I then got seriously interested in the different textures in the concrete and what I could do with the different depths to the image and started to play with adding color and textures using photo painting techniques. And that literally was the start of Barnie Paw Print Designs.

Paw Prints Seaside Paddle

Custom Designs

People loved them and people started buying them. Some people even suggested the colors they would like to see in a design and I produced it for them. One person asked for a mug with the paw prints in yellow and lime green. I still do custom designs on request.

A Large Range Of Barnie Paw Print Designs Now Available

Paw Prints Color Explosion

Strange how some things can grow from such humble beginnings. Now there are now over 100 Barnie Paw Print Designs including the one above, my best seller ‘Paw Prints Color Explosion’ that I show here on a variety of products. One lady bought three different size throw pillows in this design (scatter cushions to us Brits!) to decorate a long dark plain sofa – she sent me a photograph, they looked stunning! Another couple came to stay at our house and we had the throw pillows on the bed in the guest apartment – they bought them and took them home!

The great thing about these designs is you can have a canvas print on the wall and matching throw pillow on your sofa or chair. Or indeed throw pillows on a matching duvet cover.

Barnie Paw Print Designs Kaleidescopes

The Story Behind Barnie Paw Print Designs
Barnie Paw Print Kaleidoscope 3

There are even a range of kaleidoscopes made from some of my original designs like the one above which looks great on a throw pillow.

Paw Print Celebrations

So what started quite innocently as a bit of fun with a photograph of the paw prints of a very naughty dog is now a large design collection. So, that is the story behind Barnie Paw Print Designs – which one is your favorite?

Where To Buy The Designs

Browse my range of Barnie Paw Print Designs on RedBubble. Home decor and gift ideas available for shipping worldwide. Perfect gifts for a dog lover.

Also see my collection of fine art prints and jigsaw puzzles featuring Barnie’s paw prints on Pictorem. Free shipping in North America.

This was originally published in 2016 and updated and republished 9 March 2022.

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