Add A Splash of Colour With Exotic Hookah Pipes


Although I have never used exotic hookah pipes I have seen them around the world on my travels. Every year I visit the Festival of the Orient (Festival dell’Oriente) in Italy where these are on sale. They make wonderful pieces for interior decor.

Add A Splash Of Colour With Exotic Hookah Pipes

Exotic Oriental Hookah Pipe 1

What is a Hookah Pipe?

A hookah pipe is used for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. The vapor (or smoke) passes through the water container which acts as a filter. As the vapor passes through the water it makes a bubbling sound. They are sometimes called ‘hubble bubbles’.

I have seen these many times in my travels around the world, particularly in Turkey and Jordan.  Apart from the hookahs at the Festival dell’Oriente, the last time I saw one actually being used was a few months ago. That was outside a Turkish restaurant in Brighton, England.


According to Wikipedia, the idea of the hookah is said to originate in India. Tobacco is smoked traditionally in this way in many villages throughout South Asia. It used to signify prestige, with only the rich being able to afford to smoke them.

Exotic Oriental Hookah Pipe 2

Smoking ‘waterpipes’ has a long tradition in the Arab World and Middle East. Here, the hookah is sometimes known as a shisha.

In South Africa they are known as the ‘okka’ or ‘hubbly-bubbly’. Presumably after the sound the vapor makes as it passes through the water chamber.

More Recent Use

In the 1960s and 1970s, the use of the hookah became popular in the United States and Canada with them being shared around at parties.  These days there are hookah bars or lounges. However, given various smoking bans many have had to switch to smoking tobacco-free substances.

Health Risks

I should point out that there are various health risks in smoking these vaporizers. These include addiction, passing on disease through sharing of the mouth piece and exposure to toxins not filtered out by the water. I am not advocating their use, other than for interior decor purposes.

Hookah Pipes and Interior Decor

Exotic Oriental Hookah Pipe

Hookah Lounges

With the increase in the number of hookah bars or lounges there has been a matching increased interest in the decor for these venues.  While researching information for this blog I found Hookah Lounge Ideas on Pinterest, tips on opening a hookah lounge, YouTube videos and more.

Exciting and Stimulating Additions to Interior Decor

As can be seen from my images used to illustrate this article, the hookah and the exotic, ornamental setting in which it is presented is colorful and exciting. The colors are stimulating, the soft furnishings and carpets a mix of colors and patterns that should clash but look wonderful.

Exotic Oriental Hookah Pipe 4

These make a wonderful, colorful statement on any wall. Click on any image to be taken to a page with more information and purchase options.

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  1. Love these! Don’t know much about them (but I do now thanks haha) but I love the colours and exotic-ness of them. We see them on holiday and I don’t like to ask about them because someone told me they were related to illegal drug use! I like how you have them in your pics with those hot colours. May get a couple now.

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