Re-used CDs Make Stunning Decor Items

My winter project has finally borne fruit and my re-used CDs make stunning decor items!

Re-used CDs Make Stunning Decor Items

How It All Started

How To Create Stunning Home Decor Reusing Old CDs
More Examples of Dipped CDs

In a previous blog I talked about how we found a box of old CDs and DVDs and planned to take them to be recycled. Only to discover nowhere accepted them! I then set about dipping the CDs/DVDs in acrylic paint with the plan to make some home decor. Little did I know it would take me quite a while. But I am so pleased with the result.

The Process

I explored the painting process in more detail in my earlier blog. After being dipped, each CD had to sit and dry fully before I could do the next step. I worked in batches as I had 32 to play with and only so much room to allow them to dry.

Protective Finish

Quite early on I realized that this ‘small and fun project’ was getting so much bigger. How I finished them depended on where they were going to go. I originally had the idea of making wind spinners for the garden. But I was so delighted with how the CDs looked I wanted to make an art installation that would look good summer and winter. I finally settled on a polycrylic protective finish.

Again, this had to be done in batches allowing them to dry.

Putting CDs Together

I hated the backs of the CDs! No matter how much I tried to protect them they got some paint or marks and looked awful. I tried putting a simple coat of paint on the back but it looked even worse. So I came up with the idea of sticking two CDs together. I paired up the CDs so they complemented each other and then stuck them together with ModPodge. I weighted them down for a while until the glue had taken.

Hanging in groups

By now I had the art installation worked out in my head. Strands of decorated CDs in groups of three, two and also some single ones. I got sore fingers tying the the CDs together using clear wire. I tried gloves but they were too clumsy to work with. It was worth it!

When complete I hung them under the pergola on my back terrace where we can enjoy them every day. As the breeze blows the CDs turn and we can see front and back.

How good do they look?

Decorated CDs hanging from pergola

As you can see, re-used CDs make stunning decor items if you use your imagination. And what happens when the summer ends? They will be hung from a pole inside so they can be enjoyed all year round. The pole is already in place against some old brick work where they will look stunning. It was a lot of work but I am glad I did it!

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