That Can’t Be Right Can It Dad?

dogs with attitude

Whenever I chastise our dog Spud he looks to Barnet Boy as if saying ‘That can’t be right can it Dad?’. It happened again this morning.

That Can’t Be Right Can It Dad?

Today I told Spud not to get up on the sofa as he had wet, muddy paws. He immediately looked at Barnet Boy for confirmation. This happens so often it has become a joke between us. One or other of us nearly always give the words that go with the expression.

Dog looking for confirmation
That Can’t Be Right Can It Dad?

This image perfectly captures the look Spud gives us when we are telling him to do something – pure attitude.

Anticipating ‘Walkies’

Spud checks with us regularly to be sure we haven’t got the time wrong. Because he thinks it must be time for some excitement, a walk or run outside, he doesn’t understand that we don’t always share his enthusiasm.

Dogs Love Routine

Dogs really appreciate routine and we have got into a rhythm with ours in regard to exercise. A walk with Barnet Boy first thing, several times during the day and just before bedtime. Walks of differing lengths both practical (think pee) and exercise. And a game in the dog play area with me mid morning and mid afternoon. It would be so much easier if we had a garden where we could let them run around outside and do their thing. But we don’t. And it is to dangerous to let them run free on the land (think wild boar, hunters, poison left down for foxes and 101 other things that could potentially go wrong).

As I write this, Spud is next to me on the sofa. He just asked his Dad if it was time yet? It is almost exactly half an hour until his next walk. He and Ringo have this timed to perfection – they start looking with expectation half an hour before their next outing. I just told Spud he had to wait as he was early and, you guessed it, he went straight to his Dad. ‘That can’t be right can it Dad?’.

His Brother Follows His Lead

that can't be right can it dad
Soft Puppy Snuggles

Spud and Ringo are inseparable though they do have their squabbles. I told the whole story of how we found them in another blog. At that time they were impossibly cute as you can see from this image of Ringo. Ringo follows Spud’s lead on most things, though it is usually Ringo who does most of the barking! It has to be said he is rather more obedient.

Ringo was the bigger puppy of the two but as they have got older (four and a half years old now) Spud is the larger one. They do have the odd argument over top dog status!

Back To Spud’s Attitude

Dog with attitude
Well Let Me See

The attempt to play Barnet Boy and I off against each other usually fails. Sometimes Spud manages to persuade BB to let him do something that I have already forbidden. But mostly Spud doesn’t get away with much. And let’s face it. You have got to love a dog with that much attitude. Just look at that face! Full of character and mischief!

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